The Neo-Socratics is an open organization which will welcome anyone who wishes to promote rational and critical inquiry via scientific methodology supported by empirical evidence. As such, the society will endeavor to encourage the responsible and scientific inquiry into all claims of:

  • Paranormal powers such ghosts, ESP, alien abduction, psychic phenomena
  • Divine intervention such as faith healing, answered prayers and creationism
  • 'Alternative' healing such as aromatherapy, Reiki, reflexology
  • The existence of supernatural beings such as ghosts, demons, aliens, angels
  • The existence of supernatural forces such as Qi and possessions
  • An phenomena supported by pseudo-science or fringe-science

The society also aims to:

  • Increase public awareness of current scientific research
  • Increase public awareness of evidence related to pseudo-science claims, fringe-science claims and claims of the paranormal
  • Provide a platform for intellectual stimulus

The society hopes to achieves its aims through a program of:

  • Letters and articles in local newspapers and radio
  • Presentations to schools, educational institutions and local radio shows
  • Promotion of the scientific method
  • Public debates
  • Monthly talks
  • Creating a secular library

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