Date: 24 October 2006 Location: Port Elizabeth St. George’s Club, Bird Street

Present: M. Heiligers, R. Bosch, R Sumner, C. Vanderlinden, N. Allen, R. Wakefield, G. Saunders, W. Thompson, A. Steyn

Apologies: A. Comley, E. Marais


All decisions were taken by a vote of a show of hands

The name was changed from the Port Elizabeth Skeptical Society to the Neo-Socratic Society to better reflect the society’s aim of questioning

The society aims to:

  • Increase public awareness of current scientific research
  • Increase public awareness of evidence related to pseudo-science claims, fringe-science claims and claims of the paranormal
  • Provide a platform for intellectual stimulus.

The society hopes to achieves its aims through a program of:

  • Letters and articles in local newspapers and radio
  • Presentations to schools, educational institutions and local radio shows
  • Promotion of the scientific method
  • Public debates
  • Monthly talks
  • Creating a secular library
  • Published scientific articles

The society will meet monthly, on the first Tuesday of every month at 19:00 at the Maritime Club (corner of Cuyler Street and Annerley Terrace)

The society will operate on an open-ended structure. The format of every meeting will be:

  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Review of last month's minutes/program
  • Round-table discussion of local news items and events
  • Round-table discussion of individual Neo-Socratic programs
  • 20-30 Minute presentation on a specific subject
  • Proposal of next meeting’s subject and agenda

Each member will also have the opportunity to present a project. These projects, should they require funds, will be funded entirely on an elective basis by the members of the club. No formal requirement for dues is, at present, called for.

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