Date: 31 October 2006

Location: Port Elizabeth St. George’s Club, Bird Street

Present: C. Vanderlinden, N. Allen, R. Bosch, E. Taggart, N. O’Brien

Apologies: M. Heiligers, A. Steyn, R. Wakefield


1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted

2. New members

  1. Two new members were introduced: Emma Taggart and Neil O’Brien
  2. Three new members who could not attend were introduced: Jahn Roux, Nico Oosthuysen and Eric Marais

3. Matters arising

  1. It was proposed and accepted that C. Vanderlinden write up some ground rules for the society
  2. It was proposed and accepted that a possible change of name from Neo-Socratic to Cogito be proposed and voted on at the next meeting
  3. It was proposed that the meeting on 2 January 2007 be moved to 9 January 2007 to allow people to recover sufficiently from the New Year

4. Next meeting

  1. The next meeting will be held at the Maritime Club at 19:00 on Tuesday 5 December 2006

5. Newsworthy items

  1. There was an article in the EP Herald stating the South African wine was being rejected by the EU due to its inclusion of genetically modified yeasts
  2. A Watchtower pamphlet called “The end of False Religion” is being distributed
  3. There is a Young Earth Creationist group, called “His People” evangelizing at the NMMU

6. Existing Projects

  1. C. Vanderlinden will handle the building up of an atheist and secular library and called for donations of books
  2. The Neo-Socratic website is being developed by R. Sumner, and all content is to be forwarded to him

7. New Projects

  1. It is proposed that N. Allen should contact W. Thompson to create a secular/skeptical version of the Watchtower pamphlet for publishing and distribution
  2. It is proposed that C. Vanderlinden contact James “The Amazing” Randi as an honorary member of the Neo-Socratics
  3. It is proposed that a falsifiable test for the hypothesis that Astrology is a valid basis for personality be put together, inviting local astrologers to give their input and subject themselves to the test

8. Talk

  1. A talk on the scientific method, by R. Bosch was delivered

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