This group is the Next Generation of Author Fighters!


Jin is the first born Digimon/Balance son of DarkMagicianmon and Hikari Ino. He has magical abilities from DarkMagicianmon, most balance abilities from Hikari as well as her Sharingan. Has silver armor like D.M with the kanji for bravery embedded on his chest, and had silvery hair, and blue eyes, and carried a small green staff. Is aiming to be the next new Author fighters Leader. And is boyfriend to Melina the Pokemorph.


The Only Biological Daughter of Roscoso and Marissa, Melina is the new Kamen Rider Kivala, along with being a Gorebyss Pokemorph.

In looks, she looks like her mother, except she has Fangire Mark in her hair. She wears a purple shirt and a blue skirt.

She also is the Girlfriend of Jin.

Seth Hyuga

Voice: Cam Clarke (Simba on Kingdom Hearts II)

Powers: Byakugan Eyes, Mate Mark gives him power over fire, freezing objects, levitation, able to fire burning-hot chakra, metal reconfiguration, and an unusual amount of control over his Imagination River Energy.

Seth Hyuga is the son of TLSoulDude and Hanabi Hyuga. TL said himself that his basic outlook is based off his the Byakugan eyes.

He is shy, yet the fiery temper and strong sense of justice belonging to his father's clan is evident in his behavior. Yet, he shares one major trait with his father: the ability to love, unconditionally.

He is the leader of Neo Team Wanderer, which consists of himself, Ingrid (his love interest), Gabriel Koutetsu, Susie (who is pregnant with Gabriel's child), Taz (Ingrid's brother) Deadpool, Clank, Dawn (a superhero who originally worked for the government), Raptor, Hellboy, Xigbar1993, and Kyuui Tsukurite.

Seth's shyness was made obvious by the fact that his relationship with Ingrid started out with him constantly blushing. He managed to conquer it when he kissed Ingrid. The Moltres Pokemorph then marked Seth as his mate, giving the power of fire. It was enhanced by the fact that she gave him the Red Life Aura.

Seth's anger and sense of justice are shown whenever someone he cares for is harmed. He promised to kill Blacknova after he killed Rorschach. His promise and determination have grown whenever Blacknova killed a member of Team Wanderer.

On Fictor, he proposed to Ingrid and the two are now married.

He finally fought and destroyed Blacknova, who had become ExoGrimmon, but Fictor was destroyed. Death offered Seth the Mask, but Seth tried to turn him down because he would rather feel his pain than make it go away. Death said he couldn't turn down this deal, so he took it, but vowed to never use it.

When Drake kidnapped Hanabi again, Seth was the first to react and was the first one to attack. During the explosive free-for-all, Seth changed into his Archangel mode (which Deadpool kept calling gay), saved Raptor from being saved from a dimension from where there's no escape, and defeated Nega. He had the chance to kill Nega and Drake, but said it would make him no better than they were. The last time we saw him, he was smiling at his mother's unconscious form and said, "I thought I lost you..."


The Youngest child of Roscoso and Marissa and the Starmie Pokemorph.

Tom has the powers of his mom and dad due to his pokemon spirit being a Water/Psychic Type, he can also create crystal objects of anything (Which he usually give to Maria as gifts.)

He also has a friend called SappKivat, who looks like a pure Blue Kivat, what this means is unknown as of know.

He also has a crush on Maria Halibel and is determined to help her and her brothers!

Kaya Nara

Daughter of Phoenix and Shikamaru Nara. Her full name is actually Shikaya Nara, but everybody calls her Kaya. When she graduated from the Ninja Academy she approached the Seventh Hokage, and asked to be allowed to not be a ninja, and instead travel the worlds like her mother. The Hokage allowed her to do so, feeling that she had a greater destiny ahead of her. This destiny turned out that she was a keybearer, like her mother.

Soon after joining the Neo Author Fighters, Kaya got into a relationship with the Son of Roscoso and the new Kamen Rider Kiva, Shu. It was revealed that she had an Anti-Author, Anti-Kaya, who blew up the Author Fighters HQ to be able to join the Darksides. She ended up reviving her mother's old solo team in the form of Re:Team Paladin.

Some time later, it was revealed that Hidan of Akatsuki had returned from the dead, and wished for revenge upon the entire Nara family. Re:Team Paladin and Neo Team Wanderer worked together to defeat Hidan, and torched his body to stop him for good. Soon afterwards, Kaya discovered she was pregnant with Shu's child. He fainted when she told him. After recovering, Shu proposed to her, and she said yes.

Six months later, Kaya gave birth prematurely, but her son remains healthy and happy.

Appearance: Short black hair, hazel eyes. She wears t-shirts that have sayings on them that relate to her current situation, jeans, and a Leaf Village Headband around her right forearm.

Weapon: A keyblade, which she calls Quicksilver. The shaft looks a bit like a very long kunai, with a Fleur-De-Lis forming the teeth. A silver rose bloom is the keychain.

Jutsus: Transformation Jutsu, Ninja Tool Summoning (She chooses to hold her ninja tools within a scroll for convenience, as she rarely uses them), Flash Bombs, Shadow Imitation Jutsu, Shadow Sewing Jutsu, Shadow Endgame Jutsu, Shadow Skin Jutsu (one of her own invention, that spreads shadows along her skin to allow her to create weapons from shadows), Keyblade Art: Shadow Release (unseals a mass of shadows sealed in a scroll, in preparation for Shadow Skin Jutsu).

Personality: Fiery attitude, slightly hyperactive, loves to go fast, occasionally has brain-missing moments similar to her mother.

Friends: Lenne (Daughter of Tidus and Yuna, and her best friend), Stephanie Brown A.K.A. Spoiler (The Fourth Robin turned Anti-Hero).

Shikane Nara

Son of Phoenix and Shikamaru, and Kaya's younger brother. He has taken up his father's art of being a ninja, and so Shikamaru taught him in just the past year to use chakra-absorbing trench knives, and the techniques with them. He doesn't have the ability to weild a keyblade. Shikane has a relationship with his sister that causes them to regularly break out in arguments, and ends with him having duct tape over his mouth.

Shikane joined Re:Team Paladin against Kaya's will. As time went on, it showed that Shikane was quite jealous of his sister's wide array of abilities, and spoke to his father after she awakened her gravity-control. He was given three scrolls with subjects of genjutsu and medical ninjutsu in them, with his father's assurance that Kaya would never be able to master them. Or beat Shikamaru at shogi, which Shikane did shortly after.

It turned out to be a good thing he had studied the scrolls a little, because Melina, Ross's daughter, went into labor while Re:Team Paladin was visiting Castle Doran, and he was able to use his Entering Nirvana Technique to reduce her pain some. With his healing abilities, he has become Re:Team Paladin's healer.

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, ninja gear, wears a Leaf Village Headband across his forehead.

Weapon: Chakra-Absorbing Trench Knives.

Jutsus: Transformation Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu, Nara Clan Jutsus, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Water Clone Jutsu, Water Style: Vortex Jutsu, Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu, Ninja Art: Entering Nirvana (reduces pain), Chakra Scalpels, Mystical Palm Technique, Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique

Personality: Even more hyperactive than his sister, consistently breaks the fourth wall. He is more intelligent than Kaya, inheriting his father's brains. On a rare occasion, he'll use the phrase "How troublesome."

Friends: Mizu Sakuraba (Son of Neku and Shiki.)

Neo Team Wanderer

The team Seth Hyuga set up to warn the original members of Team Wanderer. It mainly consists of OCs with a few established characters.


The Moltres Pokemorph, Daughter of Space Warrior Micheal and love interest of Seth Hyuga.

Ingrid is a major flirt which she got from her mother but her powers she got from Micheal, she and her brother Taz where heading for a meeting of the Neo Author Fighters when they met Seth, Gabriel, and Rosarch, when they did, Ingrid took a liking to Seth and when he got the courage to kiss her she marked him as a mate!

She's the replacement for Hanabi Hyuga.

(She is voice by Shanelle Gray, who voiced Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)

Gabriel Koutetsu

Voice: Jack DeSena (Sokka on Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Gabriel is a samurai warrior, son of renowned assassins Tohokari and Kali Koutetsu. He wields the same swords his father used in his younger days. He originally tried flirting with Ingrid, but his advances were stopped by either Rorschach or Ingrid herself. He showed disdain when Ingrid marked Seth as her mate. However, he soon got feelings for Susie. The two made love in Agrabah and Susie is currently pregnant with Gabe's child. He promised to stay with her through it and help her with the baby.

Gabriel is a fairly decent swordsman, not the flurry of blades his father can become, but is a bit more relaxed. Instead of breaking through his enemy's defenses, he tries to go AROUND them.

He's somewhat goofy and lazy, yet is still willing to fight if someone insults him (like his father). He's fiercly loyal, an honorable opponent and comrade, and yet still compassionate (the reason that he said he'd help Susie with the baby).

He's the replacement for Xemnas1992 in Neo Team Wanderer.


The Umbreon Pokemorph and Mate to Gabriel.

Susie is a good friend of Taz and Ingrid who met them at the Pokemorph Sanctuary. When Taz asked her to come along with Neo Team Wanderer she accepted and took a liking to Gabriel, which led to her getting pregnant.

She is the replacement for Kazemon.

(She is voice by Alyson Stoner who voiced Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days)


Gabriel Koutetsu and Susie the Umbreon Pokemorph's daughter. The two love this little girl, who, even though she's only about four, is already a ball of energy (often seen chewing on Hellboy's Right Hand of Doom).


A Manaphy Pokemorph and the brother of Ingrid.

Taz joined up with Ingrid, bringing along a friend named Susie. He also brought World Ender, his fathers prized hammer.

Taz is also a Mechanic since he managed to fix the badly damaged E-100 Zero!

Taz is the replacement for Agunimon.

(He is voiced by Quinton Flynn who voiced Axel in Kingdom hearts 2)


Voice: John Kassir

Deadpool was originally Wade Wilson, who signed on to the Weapon X program in order to cure his cancer and they did by giving him an accelerated healing factor. They then labeled him as psychotic and threw him into a prison lab. He later escaped and became a mercenary, earning him the nickname "the merc with a mouth".

During his adventures, he met up with Lunatic121, the youngest of Team Fictor. The two made a friendship and Deadpool signed his name onto the Comic Relief Scroll (with a smily face under it). He's been affiliated with the Authors on a number of occassions (the events during Dimensiondude and the Dragon Army being one of many). When Blacknova tried conquering Fictor, he was hired to kill the Authors...but wouldn't because they were his "goombahs".

Deadpool has a friendship with Gabriel Koutetsu because his insane babble "makes him laugh". In most of his fights, he randomly shoots while screaming "die" over and over again and blew up a forest for no apparent reason.

Deadpool is the replacement for Genie in Neo Team Wanderer.


Voice: David Kaye

Clank was originally Ratchet's robotic side-kick who got slightly more credit than the Lombax due to the fact that he was a movie star. He was a good friend of Ratchet, which is one of the reasons why he joined Neo Team Wanderer after Blacknova killed Ratchet. However, the person who finds most use for him is Taz, Ingrid's brother.

Clank is the replacement for Rattrap in Neo Team Wanderer.


Voice: Derek Steven Prince (Shino on Naruto)

Not much is known about Dawn. What we do know is that he works for the government (which he hasn't been a big fan of since that incident with Obama). He has a girl waiting for him named Gabrielle and can generate something called light energy from his index finger. He's also surprisingly monotonous. He also hates flying. He hasn;t shown what he can do, combat-wise, seeing as he simply sat during the fight with Blacknova.

Dawn is the replacement for Sasuke in Neo Team Wanderer.


Voice: Steve Blum (Vincent on Final Fantasy VII)

Raptor's days in the Metallix were long over in the Neo Author Fighter were his days as a superhero. Now he's a super-powered detective investigating the murders in Blacknova's wake. He tried defending Bruce Banner, the Hulk, from Blacknova, but failed. He recruited Hellboy and Chef Colette to try and find his next target. While waiting for the others to finish packing, he had a small argument with Neo Shroud, Shroud's son. Neo Shroud said the one thing that kept Raptor from making friends was his "poor me" attitude. He talked with Rorschach saying that Neo Shroud didn't know what being a hero was all about. The original Shroud then confronted him that he and son were trying their best to make the world a better place, even if they didn't live up to his standards. Raptor's response was to walk away and simply say, "He's a lucky kid.".

Raptor doesn't like Nega or Neo-Shroud. He considers Neo-Shroud a bit of a rookie and thinks he's too cocky for his own good. He hates Nega because he thinks he's too scared to fight like a man.

He left Neo Team Wanderer to fight mutagentic psychopaths in New York, but said if they ever needed his help, he'd be there in a hearbeat.

Wilma tried getting close to Raptor, but the dinosaurian vigilante quickly quashed it by saying that he was married and was too old for her.

Raptor is the replacement for Rorschach in Neo Team Wanderer.


Voice: Ron Perlman

Hellboy is the replacement for the Incredible Hulk in Neo Team Wanderer.


Cody is the son of Katie the Palkia Pokemorph and Justin the Dialga Pokemorph.

He mostly worked alone for Arceus until he heard about Blacknova's attacks, after a little skirmish with Blacknova and Neo Team Wanderer, he decided to follow Neo Team Wanderer after helping them against Blacknova and the Meta he joined up. His assistance on the Phoenix was short-lived because Deadpool, for no apparent reason, attacked him.

Cody is the replacement for Vector in Neo Team Wanderer.


Voice: D.B. Sweeney (Aladar on Dinosaur)

Parents: Xemnas1992 and Princess Giselle

He's a tiger with a greasy, mechanic shirt and a pair of dark shorts. Like his father, Xigbar is great with machines and is an excellent repairman.

Xigbar lived with his father and mother on the planet Roswell, but then Blacknova arrived and killed his father. He went with Team Wanderer and vowed to avenge Xem's death.

He wields the Shock Cannon, the N-90 Hurricane, and the Plasma Storm.

Xigbar is the replacement for Ratchet in Neo Team Wanderer.

Saikai Uchiha and Kitsune Uzumaki

Parents: (Saikai) Negative Sasuke and Sakura, (Kitsune) Negative Naruto and Hinata

Voices: (Saikai) Grey DeLisle (Azula on Avatar: The Last Airbender), (Kitsune) James Arnold Taylor (Tidus on Final Fantasy X)

Saikai has black hair and green eyes. Kitsune has blonde hair and pale Hyuuga eyes.

Saikai and Kitsune grew up together and briefly dated, but they soon realized that they were more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend.

Blacknova arrived in Konoha, killed Sasuke, and left. Sakure committed suicide, leaving Saikai alone. Saikai grew bitter and quickly developed a mutual hatred with Seth (mostly because their fathers hated each other). She wanted to kill Blacknova and left, but Cody talked her into staying. Saikai is now romantically involved with Cody and Kitsune's happy for them and is enjoying his single-life with Deadpool and Kyuui.

Saikai and Kitsune are the replacements for Espio and Charmy in Neo Team Wanderer.

Kyuui Tsukurite

Voice: Scott Weigner (Aladdin on Aladdin), Blood-crazed mode voiced by Nolan North (Deadpool on Hulk vs. Wolverine)

A pirate from the world of One Piece. TL hasn't released much detail about Kyuui, but said that his name means Peace Maker, which is a kind of joke, seeing as how he has murderous intentions. He wields a number of weapons from emei piercers to knives to an extendable naginata.

Kyuui was left on a deserted island when he was ten by his mother. On that island, he ate the remaining seven Shark Shark Fruits, which resulted in an insatiable taste for blood.

He grew up and became a hired assassin, but was found by Hellboy and Raptor.

Deadpool had issues with Kyuui, because he thought the assassin was intruding on his turf.

On Fictor, he revealed that he had been hired by Blacknova to kill the group and attacked Taz. When he was close to killing the Maniphy Pokemorph, however, he found that he couldn't. He had grown fond of the group. He then turned on Blacknova and helped the group at every opportunity he could.

Kyuui is the replacement for Sylar in Neo Team Wanderer.


A Pikachu Pokemorph and the newest member along with her friend Wilma, Stacie is a childhood friend of Taz and it's seen they have feelings for each others, she has multiple electric attacks, and is willing to do anything to see Taz, even kissing Deadpool.


Space Warrior's Duo

The newest team of the Space Warrior's, unlike Team Faust-ZERO and Neo Team Wanderer, The Space Warrior's Duo is made up of the Younger and non aging members of the Original Team.


Ross and Marissa's adopted daughter, making her the oldest, Hinaten become the joint leader of the Duo Space Warrior's along with Hareta, who she married and had Kylie with, she still has all her powers from her younger years in the Space Warrior's but stronger


Hinaten's husband and Kylies father, Hareta is a Pokemorph/Oni Hybrid allowing him to become Kamen Rider Hibiki, he also has the Gyuki sealed inside him,

E-123 Omega

Scarlet the Gizoid


The Daughter of Hinaten and Hareta, Kylie is ten years old and already has her mothers Psychic and her fathers Grass type Pokemon powers, she is trying to become good for her mom and dad as well as her Grandparents.


The Son of the Darkrai Pokemorph Andy and Lucifer's former Familiar Lilith, Nago became the Next IXA after Andy and Lilith moved to stay in the Dark Comet, Nago works in a special bar that is also a rest place for Pokemorphs, like the Pokemorph Sanctuary.

In attitude, Nago has a slight superiority complex but has a brother like friendship with Shu.

He inherited his Fathers Kamen Rider and Pokemorph Powers.

Neo Gold Dragon Clan

The Neo gold dragon is the new generation of Airnaruto45's group of vigilantes who traverse the realms fighting the forces of evil.

Jiriaya Uzumaki

Jiriaya Uzumaki: The son of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno, Jiriaya lives up to the legacy of both his parents he has his father's blonde hair, desire to defend everyone precious to him, love of pranks,massive chakra reserves, and appetite for ramen but his mother's green eyes, short temper, and chakra control.

Minato Susawanoo

Minato Susawanoo: Son of Airnaruto45 and Megan, This little demigod inherited his mother's out going personality, blue eyes, and loving personality, while he gained his mastery of the force, jutsu, chakra control, discipline, fierce loyalty,and martial arts knowledge from his father, however he obtained both of his father's skills with cyromancy as well as wind, and water elemental jutsu which has had caused Airnaruto45 to enroll his son at the Lin Kuei temple under the tutelage of Sub-Zero. Being the son of a god doesn't mean that Minato is beyond getting away with anything if he gets out of line, his father will put him through some rigorous training as punishment.

Keiko Pedrosa

Keiko Pedrosa: Keiko is the daughter of Team Faust's Raimundo and the Gold Dragon's Kimiko making her a Shaolin dragon of lightning. Her powers of Electromancy are highly advanced for one so young. She has her father's carefree attitude and her mother's firery passion and temper. Minato and Jiriaya often try to win her affections though these efforts have often ended up fruitless.

Kit Lao

Kit Lao: Daughter of the Shaolin monk Kung Lao and captain of the Edeniean guard Jade, Kit adopted her father's pacifist views as a Shaolin monk but also her mother's fierce loyalty and devotion to her comrades and will fight when she needs to.


Ermac: A member of the original Gold Dragon, Ermac now trains the younger generation of warriors to combat the forces of evil. Despite the years that have passed since getting on the battlefield he remains a valuable and powerful ally to the Gold Dragon and Airnaruto45


Nitara: A vampire from the forgotten realm of Vaeternus, Nitara fights to keep her homeworld independent. Years ago her realm was merged with Outworld throwing it into chaos. Now that her home has been freed, she struggles to keep it's fragile stability intact. Occasionally Airnaruto45 will call her up to help out but he is still very alert if her blood lust begins to consume her.

The Ghosts of Gaia

The solo team led by Damien Lee Quill, the son of Hurricane's Quill and the syrium Fyuria, the Ghosts of Gaia are team of infiltrators, spies, and assassins from the future, where an event they refer to as "the Fall" where the Earth was rendered uninhabitable due to a complex web of events and humanity lives among the stars or the Moon, now known as Luna. They are allied with a shadow network known as Firewall, who are dedicated to the preservation of transhumanity.

Theme Song: Shinsou (Deep Blue) by Asami Imai

Damien Lee Quill

Born in the year BF 10, Damien is the son of Hurricane's Quill, the Grey Wolf of Icehome and hero of the Reclamation War, and the syrium knife-fighter Fyuria. However, when the Fall came, Damien was shipped off to Luna in the care of Keiichi and Belldandy, two friends of Quill from the Reclamation War, while Quill and his Daiklaves shouldered weapons and marched off in search of the truth behind the catastrophes that had befallen Earth. Nobody had seen them since. Damien eventually attended military school and became one of the top intelligence officers of his new home, the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance (LLA). His skills attracted the attention of Firewall, and decided to take him on as a Sentinel.

Damien's body is actually a customized ordeal, built from his own cells but modified for stealth and infiltration, effectively making him the LLA's (and Firewall's) Solid Snake. This gives him enhanced vision, chameleon-like skin, grip pads on his hands similar to gecko's, an adrenal booster, and a cortical stack containing his ego. If he's ever killed, he can be transferred to a new body if his CS is recovered.

Damien's standard weapons includes two smartlinked, silenced pistols (affectionately named "Honjo" and "Futo"), shock gloves, a laser pulser, a sniper rifle, and a knife that, upon breaking skin, releases a convulsive agent called "twitch." He also wears thermal dampening "smart skin" that also functions as armor. He's fluent in Japanese, English, and Russian.

Hachiman "Hachi" Kermeki

Hachi replaces Rovus Kermeki on the Court of Daiklaves (theoretically).

Aria H. Kanzaki

Aria replaces Alicia Melchiott on the Court of Daiklaves.

Kinji Touyama

Kinji replaces Death the Kid on the Court of Daiklaves.

Sven Vollfied

Sven replaces John Marston on the Court of Daiklaves.

Mizore Shirayuki

Mizore replaces Fyuria on the Court of Daiklaves.

Rei Mirumoto

Rei replaces Lt. Col. Riza Hawkeye on the Court of Daiklaves.

Kurama (Shuichi Minomino)

Kurama replaces Silver the Hedgehog on the Court of Daiklaves.

Tsubaki Yayoi

Tsubaki Yayoi is meant to replace Jin Kisaragi on the Court of Daiklaves.

Konata Izumi

Konata replaces Rise Kujikawa on the Court of Daiklaves.

Ken Masters

Ken replaces Tifa Lockheart on the Court of Daiklaves.

Kiyo Takamine and Zatch Bell

Kiyo and Zatch replace Clay on the Court of Daiklaves.

Lyserg Diethel

Lyserg replaces Uryu on the Court of Daiklaves.

Kazuma Kannagi

Kazuma replaces Raiden on the Court of Daiklaves.


Musica replaces Romeo Montague on the Court of Daiklaves.


Mia replaces Juliet Capulet on the Court of Daiklaves.

Re:Team Paladin

The revived form of Phoenix's Team Paladin, led by her daughter Kaya, with Shu, son of Roscoso, as her second-in-command and replacement for Shikamaru. Kaya's brother, Shikane, also joined Re:Team Paladin, quite against Kaya's will.


The Second oldest of Ross and Marissa's children and the Next Kiva in line, Shu is partnered with Kivat the Fourth which lets him henshin into Kamen Rider Kiva, he for some reason didn't inherit any Pokemorph powers? He is Kaya's boyfriend and second in command of Re: Team Paladin.

He has a brother like friendship with Nago, and is usually nicknamed Wataru by Otoya Shiba.


Daughter of Yuna and Tidus. She's Kaya's best friend, and was an obvious choice for Re:Team Paladin. She uses Dresspheres in a fight, which change both her clothes and her fighting style. She uses:

  • Blitzball Ace: Long-ranged attacks with her Blitzball, and inflicts statuses such as poison and darkness.
  • Black Mage: Black Magic spells such as fire and ice.
  • White Mage: White Magic spells such as healing.
  • Songstress: Singing and dancing to cause effects. This is the Dressphere Lenne wears outside of battle.
  • Samurai: Powerful sword techniques.
  • Lady Luck: Random effects depending on what luck has for her. Rarely used due to the fact that it is very revealing, but because of this she can also use Shiawase Punch while in this Dressphere.


She was once the Fourth Robin. Her real name is Stephanie Brown. She got into a relationship with Tim Drake, the third Robin, but due to certain events, they don't speak much any more. She had great martial arts and acrobatic skils, and can also use special technology to turn invisible. She has trained with Batman, the Birds of Prey, Nightwing (the original Robin, who was part of Team Paladin), and Rock Lee (she visited Konoha once with Kaya, and convinced him to teach her the Strong Fist Style of taijutsu).

Alicia the Rabbit

Tails' apprentice, and effectively his adopted daughter. She's very kind, but picked up Tails' habit for speaking in technical jargon. She refers to him as "Uncle Tails." She's very intelligent, and a skilled mechanic. In a fight, she uses exploding rings, and can also use Chaos Control with her Chaos Emerald. She can fly by rapidly spinning her ears.

Mizu Sakuraba

Son of Neku, and one of Shikane Nara's best friends. He is able to use special pins that allow him to access psychic powers, most of which revolve around short-range attacks. He can create spikes of ice, psychic claws to slash at opponents, consume his foot in fire to increase strength of his kicks, stab at opponents with light spears, and create localized earthquakes. He can also read minds, and sometimes affect what somebody thinks.


The son of Mistress of Dawn and Jiro, and a werewolf. In his human form, he has all of the strength and speed of his werewolf form. He's very calm and collected, but in a fight will get cocky, and sure of himself. He can also change into the Garulu Saber.

Desu Omayu

An older boy, who chooses to not tell his past for reasons of his own, beyond that his mother is Mexican and his father is Japanese. He is Kamen Rider Nottori, and by playing a certain tune on his ocarina, he is able to copy any weapon he sees. Originally, he made a bad attempt to be a villain, but ended up joining the team because he wasn't very evil, and had no particular plan in mind. He is hispanic, and enjoys playing his ocarina.


Actually Kaya and Shikane's pet, he's an Old English Sheepdog with a stiff loyalty to his flock (the Nara family). He has a Konoha headband around his neck, and a kunai holster strapped to his right front leg. He's able to use what he calls Canine Style Jutsus, which are mostly just channeling chakra to enhance his physical abilities, as well as making his bark extremely loud. Shikane is able to summon him with a summoning jutsu.

Neo-Spirit Warriors

The future Spirit Warriors born from the previous Spirit Warriors. Brian, Flint, and Carl grew up and married their girlfriends Melody, Monica, and Sayu, and when they became parents they gave birth to their own kids and trained them in the ways of the Spirit Warriors just as their Digimon Partners taught them.

Nigel. K

The 19-year old son of Brian and Melody, is new leader of the Neo-Spirit Warriors. Has raven black hair in the same spiky style like Brian, and green eyes, his attire included an orange T-shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers. He has the Spirit Energy as both his parents do, including the abiltity to summon either his or his mother's Spirit Weapons. As well as the ability to use wind based chakra including the Rasengan, his ability to use Rasen-Saber is a little shaky, along with the ability to summon Vayu the Wind God along with any of his kind. His main rival is his own Darkside Nega Darkstar; son of his dad's Darkside Drake Darkstar. His current love interest is a female Zangoose Pokemorph named Yui.

Patrick 'Pat' Horizaku

The 19-year old son of Flint and Monica, is the new smartest Spirit Warrior with an intellect rivaled by that of his fathers. He has neatly combed brown hair, blue eyes with a pair of glasses over them; his attire included a green polo, red pants, and blue shoes. With his spirit energy powers like all Spirit Warriors he can summon his parents Spirit weapons and use as his own. He has the ability to use Fire based Chakra like Flint could as well as summoning Pyronius the Fire God, and any of his kind. His current lover is a female Tangela Pokemorph named Evalin.

Dominic Hiroshi

The 19-year old son of Carl and Sayu, the black member of the Spirit Warriors, who's charms and suaveness come from his old man. He has short black hair, brown eyes, he wore a red shirt, black slacks, and brown shoes. With his Spirit Energy he can call upon his Spirit Axe. Like his dad he can use Lightning Based chakra, along with the powerful Chidori, including the ability to summon Raiga the Lightning God and his kind. His current lover is a female milotic Pokemorph named Selena.

Kaneko Hiroshi

The 8-year old daughter of Carl and Sayu, and little sister to Dominic. Has black hair done in two buns like Tenten, wear a yellow shirt, and blue jeans. She looks up to her older brother like a hero, though sometimes considers boys weird from how they act at certain times. She's an Spirit Warrior in-training and therefore doesn't fight as much like her brother and his pals do, because she's still learning. She will eventually be able to use Lightning based Chakra once she's matrued physically and motivated enough.

Neo-Justice Soldiers

The offspring and successors to the Justice Soldiers. New York is their home turf where they keep it clean from not only crime, but forces of evil as well.


Kokujo Marufuji Blake, 17-year old son of Damien and Rei. He has Dark hair, violet eyes, wears blue jeans, gray shirt, and sunglasses. As his hero form Neo-Shroud his outfit is like Stealthshroud's only silver and looks more new and advanced. He aims to be like his father Shroud sr. Has a strong sense of Justice, always itching to kick bad guy butt. Often goes off on his own. Was born with the abilities of Sun Goddess Amaterasu and Shinigami named Zophis fused inside of his body. His powers include sinking into shadows, flight, skilled combat reflexes. Powers of the 12 Zodiac Beasts of Sun Goddess Amaterasu, powers inculded Combustion, Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Super Speed, Heat Eye Beams, Super Strength, Astral Projection, Immortality to strong attacks, Animation, Balance, Healing, Levitation. He is in a harem relationship with a groupf of four Pokemorph girls called the Heart stoppers.


Utau Mizuki Blake 14 year old daughter of Damien and Rei. She has white hair, green eyes like her father, she wears a purple shirt, with a short skirt, and high heeled shoes. As her hero form Mini-Rose her outfit looks like midnight Rose's only pure white only her mask is a cat. Utau wants to be a strong female hero like her mother. even though she loves her brother Kokujo but sometime has to hit him in the head to keep him stright she also refers him as "Nii-san". Was born with the abilities of Sun Goddess Amaterasu and Shinigami named Tia fused inside of her body. Her powers include sinking into shadows, flight, skilled combat reflexes. Powers of the 12 Zodiac Beasts of Sun Goddess Amaterasu, powers inculded Combustion, Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Super Speed, Heat Eye Beams, Super Strength, Astral Projection, Immortality to strong attacks, Animation, Balance, Healing, Levitation. Utau is in love with a soul animal able to transform into human named Ikuto, Ikuto is also Sasuke's Soul animal though she dosen't care.

Tech the Teen Genius

Travis Douglas, 15-year old son of Iggy Douglas aka Prodigy. Has brown eyes, and short brown hair, wears black shirt, blue jeans. As Tech he wears rocket boots, titanium knee and elbow pads, a computer strapped on his back like a backpack, and a helmet with a visor. Is the genius and sometimes speaks like a scientist and such. Has high intellect, is psychic. Is involved with a female Espeon Pokemorph named Penny.


Sid Nelson, 17-year old son of Gecko Nelson aka Reptilian and Anko Mitarashi of the Naruto Animation world. Has brown hair, wears a green shirt, and black shorts. As Salamandra he has a human lizard like body with spikes going down his back. Is a lover of reptiles like his father and willing to look after all reptile creatures, is somewhat sadistic. Has Lizard strength and reflexes, along with the ability to use Snake Jutsus like Anko. Can communicate with all reptiles. Is involved with a female Matine Pokemorph named Lulu.

Spider Roach

William Morrison, 17-year old son of Roach Morrison aka Insectoid. As a human he wears a blue shirt, and black slacks. As Spider Wasp has eight Spider eyes, legs of grasshopper along with eight spider legs, body of a beatle, spider's web sack, Wasp wings, and the antennae of grasshopper. Insect and Spider lover of the team, uses bugs and spiders for reconaissance. Has powers of Spiders and Bugs, along with being able to communicate with all insects and arachnids. Is in love with a Vaporeon Pokemorph named Ven.

Ground Strike

Scott Grayson, 17-year old son of Dominic Grayson aka Metal Stone. Is Black, has small afro hair style, red shirt, brown cargo pants. As Ground his body appears to me out of metal and earth. Is gangster like member of the team. Manipulator of Ground and Metal. Is in a relationship with a Solrock Pokemorph named Angela.

Blade Master Beyond

Joel Stone, 16-year old son of Joey Stone aka Blade Master and Tenten of the Naruto animation world. As Joel he has short black hair, wears blue jeans, a brown shirt, Black leather pants, a red sash tied around his waist, a no sleeved black open trench coat and carries an evolved Demon Shredder Buster Sword hilted on his back. Is a Master Swordsman like Zark Raku. Has knowledge of weapons, and can be somewhat of daredevil. Is involved with a female Corsola Pokemorph named Celia

Other Pokemorphs

These Pokemorphs have no relation to any Author Fighters or any allies of them, but are involved with certain members!

The Heart Stoppers

A Group of Four Pokemorphs that are very tight, they met up and formed a pact to share their mate togther which turned out to be Kokujo of the Neo Justice Soldiers, each of the Heart Stoppers are Bisexual!

Mio: A Clefable Pokemorph and the leader of the group, she is the only one who actually wants to have children, but loves Kokujo with all her heart!

Kim: A Medicham Pokemorph and the most flirtish, she even lets Kokujo's Shinigami Zophis have fun with her.

Hali: A Lopunny Pokemorph and the Youngest member, she can be very hyper and loves to help Kokujo and her fellow Heart Stoppers.

Tina: A Mismagius Pokemorph and the Oldest Member, she uses her ghost powers to help Kokujo and the Heart Stoppers!


A Jinx Pokemorph, who has fallen in love with Shikane Nara. She has made it her mission in life to become Shikane's mate, but hasn't quite made it. A running gag involving her has Charm chasing after Shikane while shouting "Please, Shikane-kun, let me bear your children!" with him promptly shouting back "Heck no!" due to the fact that he is Gynophobic (afraid of women).


An Infernape Pokemorph, who is currently mated with Walter of the TTF (see below). She happens to be a police officer who was investigating a ring of thugs and almost became their sex slave if it wasn't for Walter getting in the fray. Since then, they've been dating, and it wasn't until later when she met the other teammates that she became his mate. If anything, she happens to be a bit of a hot-head, but tends to be nice to anyone who doesn't have the Aura of Creep around them.


A Feraligatr Pokemorph that shares the same chemistry with Jennifer. His mother's the owner of a chain of seafood restaurants while his Father is a Navy Seal, and because of it, has a bit of ice-type moves in his arsenal. He's the type to actually get to KNOW people before befriending them, hence why he met Jennifer in Nago's bar. Despite having a scary face, which helps when others are hurting innocents, Wesley's a nice guy with a punch that can freeze others in place. Would have an odd relationship with Rook because of his chases with Blueso, though...


A Gible Pokemorph who has an interest in Terry, the Fox Orphnoch. She's also considered a Nubian Goddess because she was born and raised in the Sahara Desert, and with the help from the Fox Orphnoch himself, would evolve into Gabite and Garchomp in order to solidify the Queen of the Desert routine. Because of it, Terry would jokingly refer to her as a female Egyptian Pharaoh, which would either result in a push or a kiss.


A Whismur Pokemorph that has the interest of Nick, the resident Fangire/Pokemorph mix. Despite not having vocal chords, the Pidgeot Fangire (nickname between his cousins) said that despite her looks, her voice would be beautiful. Also carries a sketchbook in order to communicate when she's in the Whismur form, but when she would evolve into Loudred and Exploud, she would become a siren with the power to back it up. Kind of a parallel to a certain someone, isn't it? Other than that, she's as shy as he is.

Raptor's Children

Dan Willis (AKA: Neosaur)

Raptor's only son and eldest child at twenty. He's tough like his dad and seems to have inherited similar powers, yet he has a more gentle side inherited from his mother. He's actually a bit more playful, likeable, and charming. Dan has brown hair that sticks up like grass, and is often seen wearing black jeans and a T-shirt. His suit, however, is eerily similar to his dad's old one with similar qualities.

He has the ability to change into a reptilian creature that looks like a cross between a Komodo Dragon and an alligator. His strength is ten times that of a normal human, his healing factor makes him a tough customer in battle, and he can cause spikes and blades to jut from his arms, legs, back, and tail.

While Raptor and Stealthshroud didn't get off on the right foot, Dan hopes to do differently with Neo-Shroud. Dan was very upset when his dad left the family, and when they reunited, he hit his father and then hugged him (reason being because he was angry at his dad, but still loved him).

He is voiced by Rick Gomez (Zack Fair on Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core).

Val Willis

The second of Raptor's children at age seventeen, Val is the most collected member of the three. She's usually the first to apologize for her sister's behavior. She has darker hair than her father and prefers wearing blue jeans and a lavender tanktop. She was named after Raptor's deceased ex-girlfriend.

Val has some qualities similar to her older brother: strength, healing factor, and reflexes. Her power, however, is for claws to come out of her second knuckles and grow into sharp talons.

While it is not unheard of for Val to have guys all over her, she usually shuts them down. She claims that she's no one's sex toy and that she will save it for the special someone that comes to her in time.

She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall (Mary Jane Watson on Spectacular Spider-Man)

Trini Willis

The youngest of Raptor's children at age fourteen, Trini is FAR from daddy's little girl. She has inherited her father's attitude, but not really his want to make up. She has black hair and prefers a green t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. Her real name is Trinity, but swears to punch someone's lights out if they say that name.

Trini also has strength, healing factor, and reflexes, but she adds a little more bite to them. She has the ability to densen parts of her body to biotium-level density (virtually indestructible).

Trini grew up being bullied in school, so she made her own little policy. "When the world gets tough, YOU get tougher!" She constantly insults people to make a point, takes charge whenever she can, and makes constant death-threats. It works, for even people older and bigger than her back down.

She is voiced by Jessie Flower (Toph on Avatar: The Last Airbender)

ShadowDJ's Children

Demetra Kilish

Oldest and only daughter of DJ's. Her mother is Kurumu Kurono, and has all of her father's powers and her mother's Charm power and claws. She is 14 in age, has blue eyes, Pitch black skin, has long black hair, wearing a black cloak, also has blue markings on her hands and sleeves, and also has sharpen fingers on her hands, though these would scare people, her mother's beauty was given to her as well, making men and teens she doesn't even know fall for her. But she has feeling for her new boyfriend, Dominic Jerisa. She is normally kind hearted and noble, but can be deadly if angered. Her species is 1/4 human, 1/4 Shadow Imp, and half Succubus. Her human form, which comes in when she is relaxed, has dark brown hair, regular version her her blue eyes, and also a black dress with a dark blue tanktop on. Her voice actress is Rachel Wilson (Heather on Total Drama Island/Action)

She is Bisexual, liking both the Heart Stoppers and her boyfriend, Dominic, and Kokujo. Though her feelings are mostly on Dominic, she also enjoys to be with Kokujos and the Heart Stoppers.

In Neo Team Underworld, she takes her father's place as leader.

Donny Kilish

Kurumu's and DJ's new son. He has his mother's skin tone and blue hair, his father's eyes, a green shirt with a picture of a bat with a scythe on his chest, and blue shorts. Sometimes, people think he is so cute, mostly because he has some of his mother's charm powers. He also has some of his parent's powers even at his age. His species is 1/4 human, 1/4 Shadow Imp, and one half Incubus His voice actor is Tara Strong.

Diana Kilish

Demetra's long-lost sister and older twin. She looks a lot like Demetra, and all she wants is to find her family. She is a bit more of a flirt then Demetra, since she's been known to have a few boyfriends, but they never went 'all-out' or anything, just a couple dates, but break up since Diana can't seem to find a nice guy.

Neo Team Underworld


Son of Sari Sumdac and Bumblebee. He has both his dad's stingers and speed and his mom's energy making abilities. He takes his mother's place on the team


A new student of the Grim Reaper, and is a Shark Person. best known for her streanth and the ability to countrol water, she is a deadly person to run into. Her powers include countrol over water, super strength, super durabilitiy, really strong teeth (which helps with a unhindgeble jaw line) and also the ablitiy to travel under water. She is also the daughter of Ex-Time Jockey and now Anti-hero, Triton.

She takes Vexx's place as the toughest member and also Phantom's place as well.

Yunari Marukuro

Daughter of Yukari Sendo and Marucho Maurkuro. She has her mother's magical powers, and also has Aquos Elfin as her Bakugan partner. She loves to have fun with other people. She takes her mother's place as the mystic in the team.

Grim Jr. and MiniMandy

The children of Grim and Mandy. Grim Jr. (Or just Junior) is a reaper in training with Nergal's powers. He has a scythe like his dad, and also has a single gray eye in one of his sockets. While his sister, MiniMandy (aka Minnie or Minia) is a rag doll Nergal girl with all of her birth father, Nergal Jr.'s powers. With a mastery of different weapons, she is a deadly force.

They take Ghost Rider's place in the team.

Oceanus Jackson

Son of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. He is a grandson of the all mighty Greek Gods, Poseidon and Athena. He has a sword called "Pile Diver", which can make water hit his far-away opponets. He also has the Achillies Curse, which makes him invulniable except of a small spot in his back. He inhierited this from his father, along with his mother's inteligence.

He takes Ronny's place on the team.


The Overworlder abasiter to the Dainians. He can use magic, and also has a mastery in fighting, but prefers peace over it. He maybe old, but he still has a lot of fight in him. He is also very wise, since he is more book smart then he is strong.

He takes Exedra's place on the team.

Serena "Rini" Hachigamagutchi

The 14-year-old daughter of Kitten Hachigamagutchi and Lunatic121. She has long gray hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, and wears a light blue kimono with a green dragon sewn onto it, making the dragon wrap around. She is part Dragon, part Human, part Fictorian, and to add to that, she's the current Ice Sorceress. Sadly, she can't fully control her fire jutsus, ice powers or her dragon powers as of yet, always sneezing a fireball jutsu, being blown back by the wind, and using the wrong ice move. Her dragon form is a younger and brighter version of what Kitten's was, except her spines are orange. She's always happy, hyper, and full of energy to spare, and has a bit of insanity in her system, much like her father. She also has a bit of a crush on Kitsune.


The son of GSSpiritDude. His mother is unknown. He's unpredictable and...can't hold his liquor.

Kaji first appeared in Nago's Bar and began to randomly threaten people. He met Kasumi and fell in love, considering her to be one of the two people who can ACTUALLY order him around (the other one is Trini because she scares him.). After a series of random appearances in the NJS HQ, he got mauled by a wolfman member.

While in the hospital, Hanabi visited him and admitted that she was his mother and his real father was Drake, who had raped her some years back. He warped the naturally enraged Seth and a group of fighters to the Technodrome to confront Drake. He used his cunning to send DarknessTank into the underworld, but got his throat slitted by Nega.

Voiced by Seth Green (Lyle on Italian Job).

LatAm Batallion

Fujimaro Kazuhiza

He's the son of Jean Kazuhiza and Non-chan. Half-human and half-magician (since Non-chan is a witch), he combines his magic powers with his cunning mixed martial figthing. His fighting style is a combination of Doce Pares, Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu.

He's courageous, however, despite this virtue, he can de depressive and stubborn sometimes, and like his father, he struggles to control his rage. When he was born, he became the Prince of the Kingdom of Magicians, thanks to his father, he learned martial arts and wrestling techniques. When he's not fighting Darksides or training, he can been seen working of the Maho-Do Shop.

His appearance is well-built, wearing green jeans, and black boots, and wears a sleveless UFC shirt.

Roland Tuddrusel

Roland Tuddrusel-Sternwell is the biological son of Sheila Sternwell and Buck Tuddrusel, however, he became more interested on his father than his mother, since he felt that even Buck would be a reckless officer, he would be a great parental figure, yet he refused to carry the name Sternwell.

He has a mix of the personalities of his parents, he knows what to do in certain situations, but with unnecesary brutality. He's an expert marksman, but he's also good on melee weapons, like swords or katanas, sadly, he fails on being a sharpshooter.

Shizuka Kogami Kaoru


Nina Tucker

After Ai Enma's cycle of hatred ended, she needed a sucessor as the Hell Girl as Enma would go the heavens, and then she found the soul of Nina Tucker, who was turned into a chimera by his father Shou and killed by Scar, with that, Nina Tucker became Ai Enma's succesor.

She has a enormous hatred for her father, but is more for Scar, who killed her, however, she still has the cheerful personality that she had once when she was alive. She has the same powers that Enma gave to her. (i.e. fire manipulation, psychological mind games).

Mr. Immortal

A former member of the Great Lakes Initiative and now working as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Craig Hollis Aka Mr. Immortal, joined the LatAm Batallion, mainly due to it's friendship with Jean Kazuhiza and sees that Fujimaro Kazuhiza will become a great succesor and fit in his father's shoes.

As his codename describes it, Mr. Immortal can't die, as he will continue to exist until the end of the times.

JC 720

Voice: (Normal) Josh Keaton. (Red Hulk Mode) Mark Callaway aka The Undertaker.

Powers: Knowledge of Wrestling Moves, Knowledge of using Weaponry, Can Morph into The Red Hulk, and Control of Transformation.

JC 720 is the son of JC 619, and The Arcade Star/ Roulette Goddess Dahlia. When he joined the FAF at age 12, He infused himself with a Controlled amount of Gamma Radiation to gain his Hulk-esqe Abilities. JC 720 mainly operates alone due to his Abilities, but can team anyone who doesn't rub him the wrong way.

In his Normal Form, JC 720 looks like his Father, but has Black Hair like his Mother, Lightly Tanned Skin, and Doesn't wear Glasses. He also wears an all Black Prison-styled Jumpsuit. In his Red Hulk Form, He practicully looks like the Original Red Hulk with the Exception of Silver Eyes, and Black Pants.

Time Task Force

Because of the breaching through Imagin threats or otherwise (coughDaiShockercough), several people from the future are sent back to the past (and occasionally through the prime of the Author Fighters) to make sure that paradoxes aren't created. It is their thoughts that keep everything stable. And they have to deal with the Imagin THEY'RE partnered with in order to survive. These guys...are the Time Task Force.

Theme Tune: Libera Me From Hell (ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWAH!).

Terry (Fox Orphnoch)

Son of both Rook and Trisha, he's basically a Sired Orphnoch near birth and his king form is that of a Nine-Tailed Fox. Although he's a bit of a smart aleck, he's good natured and doesn't seek to destroy others in order to complete his evolution. Because of certain circumstances, he both takes the role of TimeRed and Kamen Rider Psyga. For some odd reason, he has befriended Yuji Kiba in the present.

On a side-note, he's voiced by Stephen Lunsford in English and Takeru Satoh in Japanese

Jennifer (Chansey Pokemorph)

Son of both Wandrex and Lilly, Jennifer is the team medic and the straight woman of the group. Joined the team to keep Terry in line and get Nick to open up to others, she's usually the mature one of the group for obvious reasons. As a bit of a theme, she's TimePink, which makes it a little odd because she's usually a tomboy.

In English, she's voiced by Tara Strong. In Japanese, she's voiced by the woman who plays Shizuka in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Nick (Hawk Fangire/Pidgeot Pokemorph)

Because of the fact that there's usually only one of SEVERAL legendaries, Nick had the off-chance of becoming a Fandiri and a regular Pokemorph. Usually called the Ghost Boy because of a maturing factor, Nick is the son of both Plague and Cyclo, which in turn would make him Merlina's cousin, for some odd reason. For some odd reason, he's like Wataru because of personality factors and the only friends he would have are his cousins (Terry and Jennifer) and Akira. Oddly enough, he prefers using Kamen Rider Caucasus and the TimeGreen uniform instead of using his Fangire Blood. Must be because of the fact that he usually has allergies with it that don't develop fully until maturing age.

Then again, his Caucasus Armor was passed to Walter while he donned the form of Kamen Rider Ven (aka, Wind Kiva).

Ironically, his english voice is Peter Ho while his Japanese Voice is Koji Seto.

Walter (Lucario Pokemorph)

Living proof that males in the bloodline are more rampant. Terry's half-brother (son of Rook and Kira) and oddly enough, the Boisterous Bruiser. Despite being a loudmoth, he's actually a nice guy and the Aura Reader of the group, and concerning the group he's with, he's basically the reason WHY the people are feared. Then again, he's TimeBlue.

He's also mated to Cindy, an Infernape Pokemorph, after introducing her to his Cousins. In order to get to know the TTF, they have to meet the family...which is a chore within itself to do because of WHO is involved with it (aka, Ross, Melina, Marissa, Rook, DM, Hikari, etc...)

Walter's English VA is Matt Mullins while his Japanese VA is Satoshi Matsuda. BOTH of them play the same guy...but he's not Knight/Wing Knight.

Chase (Sceptile Pokemorph)

Chase is a unique case in which is mother was a Legendary Pokemorph. His father, while within the Kirk phase, is Rook, but if anything, he didn't meet his relatives until that night in Nago's bar. He happens to be the new TimeFire, but his Sceptile Form could pass off as Gills, oddly enough. Chase is usually quiet, especially when it comes to his relatives, but he tends to befriend others well.

Virginia Mathers (Lizard/Chozo/Human Hybrid)

Daughter of Tyler Mathers and Samus Aran, she's basically the epitome of Action Girl. However, she's the only one that doesn't exactly believe in the Rider Business, which kind of gets her off-guard. Oddly enough, she's also TimeYellow and carries a Power Suit mixed with the powers of KOSMOS and Chozo Technology, which makes her carry More Dakka in small bursts.

Paul Talbain/Wolfenhowler

Son of Lawrence and Ashley, Paul's basically the kind that can sense trouble and wants to help out, but is unable to because of his sense of honor. Carries BOTH sides of the Werewolf blood, he's basically a target and can take out a corrupted priest within seconds. He's a bit aloof and takes night walks with his girlfriend, Serena Teran.

Serena Teran (Succubus/Siren Hybrid)

Although consisting of a dream sequence interruption girl AND a can manipulate others through song, she's basically subtle and if caught in a certain encounter, would suck the souls out of them, turning the would-be rapists into mindless zombies. In other words, only Paul can touch her that way, and she'll prove it, too. She's basically the daughter of Travis Teran and Irena, which, in turn, would make her related to the Aenslands and (funny story) Raven of the Titans.

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