By-law I: Fleet Command

  1. The Senior Staff consisting of the NEO Fleet Commanding Officer (FCO), NEO Fleet Executive Officer (FXO), NEO Fleet Chief of Staff (FCoS), and Fleet Advisor will make up the voting members of the NEO Fleet Command.
  2. Additionally, There will be two other members of the Fleet Command, the NEO Recruitment Officer (RO) and NEO Judge Advocate General (JAG). They will only be allowed a vote in matters directly pertaining to their areas of authority, recruitment and discipline respectively.

By-law II: Task Groups

  1. Every simm in the fleet will be assigned to a Task Group which shall be a group of simms supervised by a Task Group Commanding Officer (TFCO) or a member of the Fleet Senior Staff depending on current fleet size.
  2. Ships not included in Task Groups may be assigned to the Command Group within the Fleet and shall include the members of the Senior Staff.
    1. Other Fleet staff members may have his or her simm assigned to the Command Group at the discretion of the FCO as defined by by-law.
  3. Each Task Force shall consist of anywhere from 3-5 simms at any given time.

By-law III: Guidelines to accept new COs

  1. The acceptance of new COs is at the discretion of the FCO, with advice being allowed from the Senior Staff. The following guidelines are recommended for acceptance of a new CO:
    1. The candidate should have at least four months verifiable simming experience (preferably in BF or an affiliate).
    2. The candidate must receive a favorable review from his or her ship’s Commanding Officer, or the CO's designate.
    3. Upon reviewing the application, four months experience and the recommendation the FCO will then make a judgment on the quality of the candidate. Character Biography rewrites, additional writing samples or additional reviews by other ship members may be requested. A failure to comply with requests for additional biography or writing samples will be immediately considered a rejection of the position by the candidate. A failure of ships crew to reply to requests for reviews will not be held against the candidate, but may impact their application process.
  2. Should the CO be accepted, the following may apply (at the FCOs discretion):
    1. All new COs will have a six month trial/probationary period. If a simm has not met the requirments to go active during this time, the CO may be removed.
    2. New commanders are asked to limit character expansion for at least the first six months they are a CO. This will mean that if a player has two characters and requests their third be a CO, then for six months they are to refrain from creating any new characters in Bravo Fleet or any of it's affiliates until their six month trial period is over and their ship has gone active.
    3. All COs must agree to the following:
      1. By accepting the offer of a Command in NEO, you acknowledge that you are applying for a command in NEO, for the ship that you have listed. If for whatever reason you resign your command, the NEO FCO can, at their option and with out any additional notice to you, re-use the name and registry number of the ship you commanded in the NEO, even if you decide to join another fleet with the ship or become an independent simm with the ship. By submitting this application, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to this. This rule can only be adjusted, in writing (via an email acknowledgment, not just by instant messaging), by the NEO FCO.
      2. By accepting an offer of a Command from the NEO FCO, you acknowledge that if you resign from your command for what ever reason, or leave NEO for another fleet (or BF Affiliate) or to go independent, the NEO FXO and/or the NEO FCO may contact your crew one time about the situation to make sure that they have been giving the option of staying in the NEO, and to give them that option if it has not been given
      3. By accepting an offer of command, COs recognize that NEO is a large organization whose administration can be complex and, as such, though FCO will consider the preferences of COs with regard to ship class, name, Task Force assignment, and other administrative issues, COs may not always get their first choice

By-law IV: Requirements for command of certain classes of ships and bases

  1. The following classes of ships and starbases have been approve for the use as simming environments in NEO:
    1. Group A Ships Miranda Refit I/II/III, Phobos, Oberth, Saladin Refit, Soyuz, Akula Refit, Churchill, Constitution Refit, Constellation
    2. Group A Bases Regula
    3. Group B Ships Excelsior, Leavenworth, Shelly Class, Taurus Class
    4. Group B Bases Space Dock, Troy
  2. No NEO player will be granted command of a simm without proper experience, the following experience shall be required:
    1. For Group A simms, a minimum of four months active player experience in NEO or BF or six months relevant active player experience outside of BF.
    2. For Group B simms, a minimum of six months active command experience.
    3. "Active command experience" shall be defined as a continuous period of a NEO ship being marked active or, in the case of experience outside of Bravo Fleet, command experience in a comparable simm group verified with references and deemed acceptable by the relevant FCO.
  3. The Senior Staff will be responsible for reviewing all proposed additions or removals from the approved NEO Ship/Base classes list, and to approve or decline the classes proposed or suggested to be removed.
  4. NEO does NOT approve the use of cloaking devices.
    1. Notwithstanding the above, all Klingon and Romulan ships will be permitted to use cloaking devices.

By-law V: Chain Of Command

  1. Any player is free to present any problem or concern they have to NEO via the Chain of Command
  2. Any players Chain of Command shall consist of the following and should be followed in this order: Department Head, Simm (or base) Executive Officer (XO, aka First Officer), Simm Commanding Officer (CO), TGCO, FCoS, FXO, FCO.
  3. The additional members of the Fleet Command (RO and JAG) operate outside of the normal chain of command. These officer may be contacted directly for issues directly related to their functions (Recruitment and Discipline) only.
  4. Do not ‘jump’ the Chain of Command. Should a matter not be resolved at the lower levels it must be taken up the Chain by that officer.

By-law VI: External Resources

NEO will maintain and operate external resources (such as discussion forums, chat rooms, user-edited databases, etc) to supplement the environment it creates for its players. The administration of such resources shall be wholly external from the NEO chain of command and one's position within NEO shall not guarantee a position within the external resources' administration teams. Conversly, punishment - such as loss of moderation privileges and banning - within these external resources shall not necessarily reflect on a person's standing in BF and shall not directly fall within the jurisdiction of the Judge Advocate General (Though it can be referred to that position).

By-law VII: Changes to ship specifications

A CO may not deviate from the official specifications of his ship's class as defined in the NEO infobase without approval of the FCO. In order to make such changes, such as installation of new equipment, addition of technologies, increasing beyond the maximum number of crew in general or for a particular crew subset, or altering the types of support craft aboard the ship, a CO must submit a request in writing (email) to the FCO. All deviations from the standard for the simm's class should be listed on a seperate page as part of the simms website so that new and visiting players can avoid creating splits or other misunderstandings.

By-law VIII: Requirements for active Simms

To be active a Simm must have a minimum of 6 crew members (Simm CO included), or 4 Players with the FCOs approval and the oversight of a member of the Senior Staff.

By-law IX: Inactive Simms JMing with Starbases

Not withstanding the requirements for a Simm CO to make his or her game active, the FCO may allow a new simm to begin gaming in a joint setting with an established simm, such as a starbase, until such time as it meets the requirements to go active. In order to encourage Simm COs to begin to develop their games and to aid them in retaining crew they are attracting before going active, the FCO is encouraged to assist in make arrangements to allow for this.

By-law X: Acceptance of Simms transferring from outside the Fleet

  1. A Simm requesting transfer into NEO from outside of Bravo Fleet and its affiliates must meets the following requirements:
    1. The Simm must already have a minimum crew of 6 active players that posts regularly
    2. The Simm must have been active at least 6 months.
    3. The Simm must follow the same general posting standards as BF-NEO, and be willing to conform to BF-NEO's stated Rules and Guide Lines.
    4. The Simm must be willing to change any ship specifications which do not meet with the approval of the BF Staff. BF-NEO 'canon' specs can be found on The NEO Infobase.
    5. The simm must be willing to meet with any other requests which the NEO Senior Staff may present to at the time of application, including reduction in rank(s) of the CO or members of the crew.
    6. The Simm CO must fill out an application completely and honestly. A good application is the key to approval.

By-law XI: Rating of Simms

The default rating for all simms in the NEO is 13+. In addition to 13+, the NEO FCO may allow higher age cutoffs. If a CO wishes to change the rating to a higher rating, they must seek their FCOs permission. The CO must provide a number of valid reasons why they wish to change the rating.

By-law XII: Use of graphics

  1. In the case of created material for Bravo Fleet NEO (such as NEO Logos and NEO banners), the providing artist(s) agree to grant Bravo Fleet NEO the royalty-free, (unless otherwise specified by the NEO FCO) perpetual, irrevocable right and license to use, reproduce, and distribute such material to its sub-entities, in whole or in part, without any compensation or notice to the artist(s) whatsoever.
  2. Bravo Fleet NEO specifically agrees not to remove credits from any material used by Bravo Fleet NEO.
  3. Images that are made for a specific BF NEO simm shall be the property of that simm and shall only be used by that simm alone unless the artist specifies otherwise; further the images shall either carry credits on the image, or on the credit's page of the simm or NEO Fleet website.
  4. Image artists agree when submitting images for use in individual simms or the NEO Fleet as a whole, that they can not require the simm or the NEO Fleet to stop using their work as long as credit is given on the image itself or on the credits page of the website the image is displayed on.

By-law XIII: Guidelines for promoting COs

  1. All COs shall be promoted at the discretion of the NEO FCO. The following guidelines shall apply (certain requirements may be waived by the FCO):
    1. Lieutenant Commander: Brand new CO. Has not taken CO classes, or is currently in CO school.
    2. Commander: Successful graduated CO classes with a passing grade. Creation of a fully functional website. Successfully reached an active status.

4) Captain: Successfully completed at least 4 months as an active simm since being promoted to Commander. Successfully completion of at least one mission since becoming a Commander. 5) Fleet Captain: Minimum of a position of a TGCO (or member of the Fleet Senior Staff). Successful completion of at least two missions as a Captain, and 6 months of activity. 6) Commodore: Minimum of a position of FXO/Fleet Advisor. Successfully keeping the Fleet active. 7) Rear Admiral: Solely at the discretion of the FCO.

By-law XIV - Uniform Code of Military Justice

For the text of this by-law, please see Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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