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Neopets Worlds

There are lots of Neopets worlds if you go to neopets you can click explore for a brief description of each world.


Merridell was one of the first worlds created.Merridell is like a place in mid-Evil times. There is a castle and a village. The king that lives there name is King Skarrl if you make him laugh you will get a seceret avatar which is talked about later in this article and you may also get a special item. A Faerie also lives there she goes by the name Illusen. You must do quests for her but we will learn about the Faeries in a later part of this article. One of Merridell's main Neopets is an ixi ix's are strange creatures and are shaped like goats.


Brightvale is the kingdom right across the road from Merridell. It also has a king named King Hagan


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