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Nephilim Fan Art

A FanArt of Nephilim by the author

  • Real Name: Courtney Worthington
  • Age: 16 1/2
  • Alias': Dea and Nephilim
  • Powers: Flight via angel-like wings and creation/manipulation of Holy Fire.

Main Article

Courtney was the daughter of Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Sandra Hunmen.

Another Angel on Earth

When she was 12 Courtney discovered her gift and took to the skies with her father. While working with her father to fight local crime she took the name Dea. After an incident where she tried to take charge of a sting operation that lead to the injury of her left wing, Warren sent Courtney to the X-Men.

With the X-Men

Courtney's transition into the life-style of an X-Man was hard on both her, the students, and Professor X. She soon however became a responsible follower, as well as a leader. When she was 14 and a half she discovered a new power: she could wield Holy Fire in any manner she chose (usually a sword). When she was 15 Courtney felt that she was better off on her own and left the X-Men. She then put on her old church choir dress and took up the name Nephilim.

Behind the Scenes

  • This Article was created by Darth JCS
  • The word Dea is latin for goddess
  • The term Nephilim means "A being who is half Angel, half Human"

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