The Neptunian Imperium is the government that rules the moons of Neptune as well as portions of the Kuiper Belt (see Kuiper Belt in VESS). It is governed by an absolute monarch, the First Citizen, who is always a human clone. The First Citizen also creates more human clones, including the heir to the Imperial throne and aristocrats/nobles who aid the First Citizen's rule. Artificial intelligence personalities in robots and computers (see races in VESS) and naturally-born humans rate just below that of the human-clone ruling elite, and serve as a middle class of private merchants and professionals. Canoids, felinoids, and genetically-enhanced apes and dolphins represent a serf class who labor for the higher social classes. The Neptunian Imperium is concerned about the aggression of the Empire of Spectra. The Imperium is also a member government of the Outworld Alliance.

The Neptunian Imperium's military has high ranking officers composed of human-clone aristocrats mostly, with a few naturally-born humans and A.I. personalities in their ranks (generals, colonels, and majors). The middle military ranks (captains, lieutenants, sargents, and corporals) are generally natural-born humans or A.I.s. The privates at the bottom are conscripts from the serf ranks and are canoids, felinoids, and enhanced apes and dolphins.

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