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  • Neptune - Outermost planet around the Sun. More massive, yet smaller of the two Ice Giant planets. First planet predicted by its gravitational effects. Its bright blue surface caused it to be named after the god of the sea. Has many large cloud features and storms that come and go. Generates more heat than it receives from the sun. Has one large possibly captured Kuiper belt object and several smaller moons. Orbit affects the objects in the Kuiper Belt, with many of them in resonant orbits with it. Visited by the Voyager 2 spacecraft.
  • Naiad - Ss:Naiad
  • Thalassa - Ss:Thalassa
  • Despina - Small inner satellite of Neptune. It was shown to transit across Neptune's surface.
  • Galatea - Ss:Galatea
  • Larissa - Ss:Larissa
  • Proteus - Ss:Proteus
  • Triton - Largest moon of Neptune. In an irregular orbit, possibly a captured Kuiper Belt object. Observed by Voyager 2. Found to have ice geysers and a thin but significant atmosphere.
  • Nereid - Ss:Nereid
  • Halimede - Ss:Halimede
  • Sao - Ss:Sao
  • Laomedeia - Ss:Laomedeia
  • Psamathe - Ss:Psamathe
  • Neso - Ss:Neso

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