Surname: Aquila

Given Name: Nero

Known Aliases: Wandering Swordsman, The Wanderer

Occupation: None

Legal status: Single

Criminal record: Wanted for several counts of murder

Race: Epicanthix

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Place of Birth: Panatha

Place of Residence: None (Lives on his small cruiser, [i]Ebony Star[/i])

Former Place(s) of Residence: Panatha, Unknown Regions

Affiliation: None

Weapon(s) & Armor: Electrum Lightsaber augmented with a bloodshine red blade, form fitting all black armor, covering entire body with light padding but still allowing maximum movement

Transport: Customized Nssis-class Clawcraft Starfighter [i]Ebony Star[/i]


[b]Height:[/b] 6'3" [b]Weight:[/b] 205 lbs [b]Eye Colour:[/b] Bright Blue [b]Hair:[/b] Black [b]Other Features:[/b] Black branding on the inside of his forearm marking him as a Sith

[b]Clothing:[/b] Black tunic and trousers, covered by a black cloak

[b]Uniform:[/b] Formally the black robes of a Sith.

[b]Personality:[/b] Quiet, often perceived as cold. However, he holds a deep sense of honor, placing it above all other ideals.

[b]Known Relatives:[/b] Unknown [b]Father: [/b]Unknown [b]Mother: [/b]Unknown


The Epicanthix race consists almost entirely of warriors. From the time that they are 4 years old, they are taught to fight and to kill. Though often compared with the Mandalorians for their expert skill in battle, they are not a warring race. Their code of honor is emphasized as much, if not more, than their combat training.

Nero Aquila was no exception to this. Though his parents were killed by pirates at an early age, Nero received the same training as his peers.

By the age of 6, he had already begun to stand out amongst the ranks. His blade always seemed to find its mark, as did each blaster bolt fired. He found that in the heat of battle, time seemed to slow itself, his reactions happening in a microsecond.

It was this that made him the pride of the Panathan Youth Brigade. At the age of 10, an Epicanthix youth is assigned to a Brigade. Nero was assigned to the 701st Youth Brigade, nicknamed the Death Corps. It was here that he met Jynne Delron, the first person Nero felt affection for. Over the next 3 years, the two became close, caring for one another as much as two of their age possibly could.

It was not uncommon for the youth to train alone in the vast jungles and hot swamps of Panatha. It was here that the Sith Lord found him. Drawn to Panatha by the legions of warriors born there, the Master of Darkness sought to find the one whom he would train in his infernal art.

In a heartbeat, Nero was cast into darkness, losing consciousness for what felt like weeks. The next several months were spent in captivity aboard a small star-cruiser known as the [i]Ebony Star[/i]. For the duration of this time, Nero fought against his lone captor, shouting endlessly as the ship tore through the blackness of space. Day and night he was tortured, either by machine or by his captors mysterious powers. The pain was agonizing, and yet Nero fought it.

In half a standard years time, Nero broke. With nearly all his life drained from him, Nero spat at his captor, "Ask what you will of me, just let this pain end!"

The Sith Lord was pleased, and spoke to Nero for the first time since his capture.

"You have tasted power, Nero Aquila, son of the Epicanthix. In time, you will be a God among men."

For the next 10 years, Nero traveled alongside the Sith Lord. He was trained in his dark arts, and the art of Lightsaber combat. He was to be his Masters key to the throne of Dark Lord.

Nero never questioned his new Master until his final test was given. He was to return to Panatha, and cut off all his ties with the past. The brigade he had served with was now graduating to join the Grand Army of the Epicanthix. Nero was to assassinate every last one of them.

Over the course of 3 weeks, Nero hunted each and every one of them down, killing them brutally. When he finally hunted down the young captain of the 701st, he relished in the power that surged through him. The darkness had been kind to him, unlocking powers he had never imagined. Indeed, he felt invincible.

He was a fool.

With blood soaked hands, he grabbed the dying body of his former kin, one he had served with a decade ago. He stared her in the eye so that she may look back in awe at one who had struck her down.

It was then that horror struck. He looked into the eyes of his love, whom he had all but forgotten.


Jynne Delron managed to say his name before her breath let out on her. She slipped from the plane of the living, leaving Nero Aquila holding her corpse, shaking in terror at what he had become.

The one person who had ever cared for him was gone from this world, and Nero was the vessel that carried her thence. The agony he felt could not be controlled, not by any training he had undergone.

And then, Nero fled. Far from Panatha, far from his Master. Never again would he be a puppet to the Sith.

Now Nero spends his days wandering the galaxy, accepting the tutelage of every skilled warrior, tactician, and wise man. It is his one goal to become the most skilled fighter the galaxy has ever seen. Then, and only then, will be able to confront the darkness that took his love away from him.

The darkness within himself.

[b]Miscellaneous Information[/b]

Nero is a user of a rare Electrum Lightsaber, being a Lightsaber whose hilt is gilded with gold, giving it a look of elegance.

Nero's Lightsaber is described as a 'Bloodshine Blade' due to its blood-red color, generated by the Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal within.

Nero pilots an Nssis-class Chiss Clawcraft, a starfighter normally associated with the Chiss, but in fact was a hybrid development of standard Imperial technology.

Nero is a practitioner of Djem So, also known as Form V.

[b]Visual References[/b]

[]Nero's Outfit[/link]

[]The [i]Ebony Star[/i][/link]

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