Netflix Toons (Annie The Smart Female Genius) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where the 2012 Disney XD animated series, Annie The Smart Female Genius, has aired on Netflix Toons. Over four seasons and fifty-two episodes have spanned.


  1. Annie Roberts (Janice Kawaye)
  2. Ellie Cook (Janyse Jaud)
  3. Brianna Anderson (Tania Gunadi)
  4. Martha Lambert (Jennifer Hale)
  5. Joanne Wilkins (Alejandra Reynoso)
  6. Tessa Harrison (Nicole Oliver)


Season 1 (2012)

  1. Annie's First Journey
  2. The Call of The Wild
  3. Ellie's Right Hand Partner
  4. The Price of Duties
  5. Gongs Heard Round The Valleys
  6. Annie's Halloween Story
  7. Brianna Gets An A
  8. Buttered Milkshakes
  9. Kimberly's Sightless Act
  10. Payback Time
  11. Martha's Follies
  12. Done With The Power
  13. Allowing Something Weird

Season 2 (2013)

  1. Don't Step Closer
  2. 60 Seconds To Math
  3. When Lightning Falls
  4. Getting A Record
  5. One Coarse Appetite
  6. Who's Irresponsible For This?
  7. Home Struck
  8. Berries For Kimberly
  9. Stuck In The Middle
  10. Heat Wave Predicaments
  11. Different Stars
  12. Wayward Martha
  13. A Smart Christmas Adventure

Season 3 (2014)

  1. Seeing The Views
  2. Dancing Your Night Away
  3. Wrecked Jackets
  4. Gone, But Not Forgotten
  5. Mummy's Best Friend
  6. Cheated For Overtaking
  7. The Extension
  8. A Fractious Lie
  9. Waiting For The Teachers
  10. Ellie's Perfect Picnic
  11. Hoping To Make The Hearts
  12. Law and Disorder
  13. A Better Mousetrap

Season 4 (2015)

  1. Brianna's Big Moves
  2. Jonathan's Deal
  3. Down The Well
  4. Miners For Work
  5. Goodness Gracious!
  6. Nurse Ellie
  7. Prospering The Rules
  8. From Beneath Kimberly's Bed
  9. You've Been Busted!
  10. Principal Pickles' Bad Dream
  11. Coming To The Rescue
  12. Always In Top Shape
  13. Annie's Graduation

Crossover Special (2016)

  1. Annie Roberts Meets Randy Cunningham


  • The series is from Titmouse Inc., Stretch Films Inc., and Disney XD.

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