Netflix Toons (Bonkers) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where the 1993-1994 Disney classic Bonkers has aired on Netflix Toons. Over a total of sixty episodes have been spanned in full format.


  1. Bonkers D. Bobcat (Jim Cummings)
  2. Miranda Wright (Karla DeVito)
  3. Lucky Piquel (Jim Cummings)


  1. Trains, Toons and Toon Trains
  2. Tokyo Bonkers
  3. The Stork Exchange
  4. Bobcat Fever
  5. The Toon That Ate Hollywood
  6. When the Spirit Moves You
  7. Fistful of Anvils
  8. What You Read Is What You Get
  9. Toon For A Day
  10. Going Bonkers Part 1
  11. Going Bonkers Part 2
  12. In the Bag
  13. Hear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers
  14. Out of Sight, Out of Toon
  15. Is Toon Fur Really Warm?
  16. Calling All Cars
  17. Fall Apart Bomb Squad
  18. In Toons We Trust
  19. Never Cry Pig
  20. Hamster Houseguest
  21. The Cheap Sheep Sweep
  22. The Day the Toon Stood Still
  23. Weather or Not
  24. Basic Spraining
  25. Once in a Blue Toon
  26. Luna-Toons
  27. Time Wounds All Heels
  28. Poltertoon
  29. Hand Over the Dough
  30. Tune Pig
  31. New Partners on the Block
  32. Witless for the Prosecution
  33. Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep?
  34. Quibbling Rivalry
  35. Springtime for the Iguana
  36. CasaBonkers
  37. Love Stuck
  38. Of Mice and Menace
  39. Dog Day AfterToon
  40. The 29th Page
  41. Cartoon Cornered
  42. The Good, the Bad, & the Kanifky
  43. I Oughta Be In Toons
  44. Frame That Toon
  45. A Wooly Bully
  46. Stay Tooned
  47. Color Me Piquel
  48. Stand-In Dad
  49. Cereal Surreal
  50. The Dimming
  51. Toon with No Name
  52. Get Wacky
  53. The Final Review
  54. Seems Like Old Toons
  55. Miracle at the 34th Precinct
  56. Comeback Kid
  57. The Greatest Story Never Told
  58. Fall Apart Land
  59. Imagine That
  60. A Fine Kettle of Toons
  61. Stressed To Kill

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