Netflix Toons (Keeping Up With The Knights) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where the Disney XD Original series, Keeping Up With The Knights, airs on Netflix Toons. Over four Seasons and fifty-two episodes have spanned. The series is from Stretch Films Inc. and Disney XD Original.


  1. Roger Knight (Tom Kenny)
  2. Jolleen Knight (Candi Milo)
  3. Jackson Knight (Dante Basco)
  4. Rosemary Knight (Kathryn Cressida)
  5. Landlord Philip (John DiMaggio)
  6. Phyllis Brooks (Grey DeLisle)
  7. Miss Kelly Wilkins (Melissa Joan Hart)
  8. Laura Denise Clarkson (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  9. Herbert "Herb" Oliver (Yuri Lowenthal)
  10. Kyle Harrington (Adam McArthur)
  11. Albert Howard (Phil LaMarr)
  12. Bones The Dog (Dee Bradley Baker)
  13. Cornelius "Cornie" O'Donnell (Matt Hill)
  14. Lloyd Parkston (Jason Marsden)
  15. Sari Barnes (Jocelyne Loewen)
  16. Principal Harry Anderson (Jeff Bennett)


Season 1 (2011-2012)

  1. A Knight Family Story
  2. Some Like It Easier
  3. Laura's Life Lessons
  4. Going For Stroke
  5. Into The Deepness
  6. Why Are You Complaining?
  7. Sari's Little Secret
  8. Executed Citizens
  9. A Halloween For Jackson
  10. Must Get To The Period
  11. Clearing The Stage
  12. Having A Hard Decision?
  13. Wimps Don't Fight

Season 2 (2012-2013)

  1. Rosemary's Shrunken Adventure
  2. As Awesome As Herb
  3. Lloyd For Mayor
  4. Dancing The Night Away
  5. Ruthless Losers
  6. A Hidden Realm
  7. Brightly Right
  8. Go To The Trophy!
  9. Knuckleheads On The Run
  10. Roger Gets Fired
  11. Getting Tizzy With It
  12. Under Wraps
  13. A Knight Family Christmas

Season 3 (2013-2014)

  1. Roommates For A Day
  2. Dearest of Them All
  3. About The Incident You've Had
  4. Despair and Dismay
  5. What's All The Racket?!
  6. Guilty Pleasures
  7. Famed
  8. Jolleen Goes To Court
  9. When Lightning Falls
  10. Cornie Feels Fine
  11. Butter and Milk Do Mix
  12. A Pack of Chinchillas
  13. Beating The Records

Season 4 (2014-2015)

  1. One Small Meal
  2. A Coarse Predicament
  3. Looking Adventurous
  4. Promise Me Anything
  5. The Trouble With Scribbling
  6. Child's Play
  7. A Warm Drink
  8. Don't Break The Rope
  9. Zippers On The Sidewalks
  10. Lecturing Albert
  11. Read It and Sweep
  12. Bones Gets The Snack
  13. Graduation Day For Jackson

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