Netflix Toons (The Legend of Tarzan) is Pikachufreak's idea. It is where The Legend of Tarzan airs on Netflix Toons. Over one season of thirty nine episodes has totally spanned.


  1. Tarzan (Michael T. Weiss)
  2. Jane (Olivia d'Abo)
  3. Tantor (Jim Cummings)
  4. Terk (April Winchell)
  5. Kala (Susanne Blakeslee)
  6. Professor Archimedes Q. Porter (Jeff Bennett)


  1. The Race Against Time
  2. The Trading Post
  3. The Lost Cub
  4. The Lost City of Opar
  5. The Fugitives
  6. The Rogue Elephant
  7. The Poisoned River Part 1
  8. The Poisoned River Part 2
  9. The Enemy Within
  10. The Fountain
  11. The Hidden World
  12. The Rift
  13. The Giant Beetles
  14. The Jungle Madness
  15. The Protege
  16. The Leopard Men Rebellion
  17. The Rough Rider
  18. The Seeds of Destruction
  19. The Silver Ape
  20. The Challenger
  21. The Outbreak
  22. The Silver Screen
  23. The Beast From Below
  24. The All-Seeing Elephant
  25. The New Wave
  26. The Lost Treasure
  27. The Return of La
  28. One Punch Mulligan
  29. The Missing Link
  30. The Prison Break
  31. The Eagle’s Feather
  32. The Face From the Past
  33. The Caged Fury
  34. The Gauntlet of Vengeance
  35. The Mysterious Visitor
  36. Tublat’s Revenge
  37. The British Invasion
  38. The Volcanic Diamond Mine
  39. The Flying Ace

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