Netflix Tunes: Mean Girl Hits! is a CD made up by Pikachufreak himself. Distributed in September 2016, it contains twelve songs from past to present, all covered by Lexi Bunny, Fiona Von Steig, Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto, Mel Blake, Brittney Wong, Zuzu Boyle, Meilin Rae, Malinda Doe, Kendall Perkins, Pacifica Northwest, and of course, Hope Todd and Rosalina Daily.


  1. Meanies Just Want To Have Fun (originally by )
  2. Girl Power (originally by )
  3. Dangerous (originally by )
  4. Stronger (originally by )
  5. Material Girl (originally by )
  6. Bunny In A Bottle (originally by )
  7. Rich Girl (originally by )
  8. Strut (originally by )
  9. Venus (originally by )
  10. The Potential Break-Up Song (originally by )
  11. Breakaway (originally by )
  12. Amigas Mean Girls (originally by )


  • Release Date: September 27, 2016.
  • Distributed by Netflix Records.

Cover Art

Front Cover

  • Hope, Kendall, Malinda, Mel, Brittney, Lexi, Zuzu, Rogue, Fiona, Meilin, Pacifica and Rosalina

Back Cover

  • The songs listed on the back

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