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This is an attempt to build a personal web that will help an individual get the most out of the Internet.

People that have used the Internet for some time most likely have personal info and other stuff all over the place, but they still have to fill out their names, e-mail addresses and other personal data on all kind of pages.

Tracking all the pages one has been assigned is a burden. All the accounts that one has opened start to pile up too. There are messages, comments and articles written in forums, blogs and wikis.

There is that address, phone and anniversary list but when one goes some place there's no way to remember half the people you know who lives there. Maps and GPS are everywhere, but were do your old friends and relatives live?

Is it possible to get all this information working in a seamless way? Will it be possible to approach the problem by adding modules according to one's specific interests?

Can one built a personal data base and filing system without having to key in or copy the same information over and over? Let's find out if we can make computers work for us even better.

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