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Neuro-marketing Neuro-marketing is a fairly recent expression but a good replacement for the oft misunderstood "branding". It has also been a subject of harsh scrutiny over the last few years since it was largely associated with FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance) and the brain's blood flow in response to marketing stimuli. It is believed that marketers could manipulate consumers, somewhat like Minority Report portrays in the pursuit of Tom Cruise with ads. Anyone in marketing can and does manipulate. Integrity is a choice. But truthfully neuro-marketing is about neural constructs, how of our brains work. How we form thoughts. How we retrieve memories and reconstruct them. Neurons are brain cells. Marketers need to understand this; 99% don't. As a result money is wasted providing information to consumers that does not elicit a reponse. I deliver a seminar called MindMatching: The power of cues on the topic. It's all about giving out the right cues, that activate the right neurons and please consumers. After all if the pleasure centers of the brain are active customers are happy--who can argue that. My name is Marie Germain and I have been a marketing, advertising and branding coach for over 20 years.

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