The Nevasoy Forest is a region in Vovatra.


The forest is bordered on the southwest by the Spice Forest, on the northwest by the Southern Plains, on the north and east by the Vovatra Ocean, and on the south by the Southern Tundra.


The climate stretched from humid subtropical in the north and along the coast to cold and wet in the far south.

The area is very wet, as it is the primary dumping ground for the summer monsoons. The coastal areas are often struck by strong hurricanes during the summer and early fall.

Human Geography and Economics

The primary city in the region is Nevasoya, a sprawling metropolis. Its economy was based on Duem when that was a major resource, but has since shifted to a service-driven economy.

Another major town is Gemstone, located along the northeast coast. It is the center of the diamond-mining industry, and is also a major port on the Vovatra Ocean. It is often affected by hurricanes. In recent years, huge growth in both Nevasoya and Gemstone has caused the two to grow towards eachother, and it is expected that the two will merge into one megalopolis within twenty years.

In the colder south, there are many small villages, known for their fine furs. The fur industry has recently shrunk due to protest, but the area remains economically viable.


The region normally splits its votes between the Social Alliance and the V Nationals. The Liberal Democratic Party is also centered in the region.

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