Nevasoya is a major city in Vovatra.


Nevasoya is located in the heart of the Nevasoy Forest in the southeast of Vovatra. It stretches from the interior to the coast of the Vovatra Ocean.

Human Geography and Economics

Nevasoya was originally two cities, Neva in the interior and Soya along the coast. Neva was an early center of the Duem industry, and quickly grew and merged with the port town of Soya. After Duem stopped being used as a fuel, the city grew into a services mold, and surpassed V Port as the largest city in the southern half of the planet.

Currently, Nevasoya is growing towards the city of Gemstone to its north. Within twenty years, the two will merge into one megalopolis which will be the largest on the planet. This megalopolis has been given many names, including "Gemsoya" and "Nevastone", but no single name has yet been chosen.

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