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NeverWorks is an unfinished MMORPG being created by a small group of independant game designers. Also planned are a set of first person shooters as well as a youtube channel of past (and future) events in the NeverWorks universe.


NeverWorks is set in a universe that connects to all other universes, as well as 12 planes of reality that can be navigated using planegates. Because of a recent great war, much of the technology has been lost, however, magic is still in widespread use. You can read the whole backstory.

Core Gameplay

The main gameplay of neverworks is fighting. Players can cast magic, use melee, and ranged weaponry. Players can fight each other and monsters, or accept quests and fight exclusive and powerful monsters known as bosses.

Second to fighting is socializing. Players can cast more powerful and interesting spells while collaborating as well as accompanying one another for quests and boss fights. In some dungeons it is impossible to advance past puzzles without another player as a companion.

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