• James
  • Neville
  • Salty
  • Porter
  • Mighty Mac
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Cranky (does not speak)
  • Edward (cameo; passing Neville while he's pulling some coaches)
  • Percy (cameo; seen at the beginning)
  • Skarloey (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Rheneas (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Peter Sam (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Rusty (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Freddie (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Duke (cameo; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)
  • Luke (came; seen at the Blue Mountain Quarry)

Voice Cast

  • Rob Rackstraw as James and Workman 2
  • Steven Kynman as Porter
  • Stephen Mangan as Neville
  • Keith Wickham as Salty, Sir Topham Hatt and Workman 1
  • Matthew Lillard as Mighty
  • Breckin Meyer as Mac
  • Christopher Ragland as the Troublesome Trucks
  • Tim Whitnall as Neville's Driver
  • Teresa Gallagher as the Lady with the Big Hat


Narrator: Neville is a small black tender engine with a square body who likes to puff along anywhere and everywhere. One day, Sir Topham Hatt came to see him.

Sir Topham Hatt: Neville, the flagpole at Dryaw Airport is old and about to break. You must collect a new from the Docks right away.

Neville: Yes sir.

Narrator: On the way to the docks, Neville had to collect some empty trucks and take them to the docks for another engine's train. He had nearly reached the docks when the trucks saw a chance for a tease.

Troublesome Trucks: On, on, on!

Neville: Stop it, you trucks, I can't stop.

Narrator: Too late, Cranky was just loading the flagpole onto a flatbed in front on Neville, and at this point, the pole was right in front of Neville's face. Neville tried to brake, but he bumped into the flatbed and knocked the flagpole right off Cranky's hook. The flagpole disappeared under Neville's wheels with a crunch.

Neville: Oh, look what you've made me do, you silly trucks!

Truck 1: Not our fault, you silly great engine.

Salty: You trucks should be ashamed of yourself. You spoilt the chance of a run on a nice little job.

Neville's Driver: Sir Topham Hatt won't be pleased when he finds out what happened.

Narrator: And indeed he wasn't.

Sir Topham Hatt: This is a disaster. The airfield will not look the same without its flagpole.

Narrator: Neville felt very foolish. He knew it was all the trucks' fault. But he felt so bad he couldn't say a word. Later Neville had to deliver passengers to the stations.

Neville: I wish I hadn't broken the flagpole then I wouldn't be in this mess. Maybe if I find a new one to replace it... Yes, that's what I'll do, right away in fact!

Narrator: Neville however didn't know the passengers had overheard him, and without noticing Neville didn't stop at any of the stations, much to the passengers' annoyance.

The Lady with the Big Hat: This is ridiculous. I should have got off ages ago.

Narrator: Later when Neville got back to his shed, Sir Topham Hatt was there waiting for him.

Sir Topham Hatt: The passengers have complained to me and the stationmasters that you made them miss their stops.

Neville: But sir...

Sir Topham Hatt: No buts Neville. Although I will give you a chance to think about your wrong doings, so you will collect trucks of stone from the Blue Mountain Quarry. That should take your mind of whatever you were thinking today.

Narrator: When Neville reached the Blue Moutain Quarry the next day to pick up his train, he saw Mighty Mac with a load of slate.

Mac: Hello Neville.

Mighty: What's up mate?

Neville: I had a little accident at the Docks yesterday, and I really wish I could do someting to put it right.

Mighty: Well sometimes, Neville, the thing you're looking is where you wouldn't think to look.

Mac: Quite right Mighty.

Neville: Look where I wouldn't think to look? That's it. Thanks for the tip Mighty Mac. That's just the idea I've been looking for all this time.

Narrator: So after Neville had delivered his train, he went to look in places he wouldn't think to look. He then saw James who was collecting metal pipes from the Ironworks.

James: Hello Neville. You seem to be looking for something.

Neville: I am James. And after seeing you metal pipes, I think that's just what I need. Yes, thank you!

Narrator: Neville hurried back to find Sir Topham Hatt and tell him the solution he had in mind.

Neville: Sir, sir!

Sir Topham Hatt: Yes Neville.

Neville: I now know what to do about the flagpole replacement.

Narrator: And he told the workmen that they could make an metal flagpole at the ironworks for Dryaw.

Sir Topham Hatt: Good idea Neville, that would be nice and sturdy.

Workman 1: We'll get started on it right away.

Workman 2: Thanks for the idea Neville.

Narrator: Half an hour later Neville came back to collect the freshly painted flagpole and take it to Dryaw. When he got there it was put up immediately. Then the windsock was put on top of it.

Neville: That's the best flagpole I've ever seen.

Narrator: And his driver couldn't agree more.