Neville and the Orchestra is a fan-made Thomas and Friends episode idea thought up by BiggestThomasFan. It is based on the Season 7 episode, Edward's Brass Band.


  • Spencer
  • Neville
  • Charlie
  • Victor
  • Terence
  • Bertie
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Duck (cameo; seen at Callan Castle)
  • Oliver (cameo; seen at Callan Castle)
  • Arthur (cameo; seen when Bertie collects the orchestra)
  • Molly (cameo; seen at the shunting yards)
  • Jerome and Judy (cameo; seen rescuing Neville)
  • Madge (cameo; passes Bertie while he's taking the orchestra)
  • Kevin (cameo; seen at the steamworks)
  • Dowager Hatt (cameo; seen at Callan Castle)
  • Lord Callan (cameo; seen at Callan Castle)
  • Thomas (mentioned)


UK and AUS

  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Matt Wilkinson as Spencer
  • Steven Kynman as Neville and Charlie
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Bob Golding as Terence and the conductor
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie, Sir Topham Hatt, some orchestra players and a workman


  • Mark Moraghan as the Narrator
  • Glenn Wrage as Spencer
  • Steven Kynman as Neville and Charlie
  • David Bedella as Victor
  • Bob Golding as Terence and the orchestra conductor
  • Keith Wickham as Bertie, Sir Topham Hatt, some orchestra players and a workman


Narrator: An orchestra was coming to the Island of Sodor. They were going to Callan Castle for a Christmas concert. A few days before the concert, Sir Topham Hatt came to see Neville.

Sir Topham Hatt: Neville, you've been proving yourself to be a hard worker since you arrived, and I noticed that you don't get special jobs very much. So, I've decided that you shall take the orchestra to Callan Castle on the day of their concert.

Neville: Oh, thank you, sir. I'm sure the orchestra will be proud to have me take them to the concert.

Narrator: A little later, Neville met Charlie at Knapford Station.

Charlie: What's up, Neville? You look cheerful.

Neville: I've been chosen to take the orchestra to Callan Castle on the day of their concert. I've never taken a whole orchestra before.

Charlie: Don't pop a piston, Neville, or you won't get to take them.

Neville: Don't worry, Charlie. I don't think anything will happen to me between now and the day of the concert.

Narrator: Neville was looking forward to hearing the orchestra perform their songs. But then, there was trouble. As Neville approached the shunting yards, he slipped on some icy rails.

Neville: Oh, my! (Gasps, as he sees some vans ahead of him) Help!

(Neville crashes into the vans of Christmas pudding)

Spencer: (Laughs) Oh, Neville, you look like a Christmas pudding on wheels. (Laughs more)

Narrator: Poor Neville was damaged. Sir Topham Hatt came to the yards right away.

Sir Topham Hatt: Neville, you'll have to go to the steamworks to be repaired. And if you're not repaired in time, Bertie will have to take the orchestra instead.

Neville: Yes, sir.

Victor: Cheer up, Neville. You may not be repaired in time to take the orchestra, but there's a chance that you'll be repaired into for the concert.

Neville: I know, but I had been looking forward to taking them since Sir Topham Hatt told me this morning.

Narrator: Neville was at the steamworks all night, and all of the next day. Then, on the night before the concert, the wind blew and it snowed all night. Workmen were up late trying to mend Neville by morning. Neville felt sad and cold. The next morning, Sir Topham Hatt came to see Neville.

Neville: Sir, will I be ready to go soon?

Victor: Not soon enough, I'm afraid.

Sir Topham Hatt: And the orchestra can't wait. I'm sorry, Neville, but I'll have to ask Bertie to take them.

Neville: (Sighs) Alright, sir.

Narrator: So Bertie collected the orchestra, and set off for Callan Castle.

Bertie: I'm sure nothing can go wrong on the roads. I can get you to the castle on time.

Narrator: But there was problem ahead. The road to Callan Castle was closed, due to deep snow.

Bertie: Never mind. We can take a different route.

Narrator: But Bertie's new route wasn't any better either. Bertie tried to make his way through the snow, but it was too deep.

Bertie: Oh, bother! I'm stuck.

Orchestra Players (Groans)

Orchestra Conductor: How will we get to the castle for our concert now?

Bertie: We're not too far from Kellsthorpe Road. Driver, can you go to the station and get help?

Narrator: And that's what Bertie's driver did. He hurried over to Kellstrope Road Station to get help. Meanwhile, Neville had just been repaired, and was ready to get back to work.

Workman: Neville, I just got a message from Sir Topham Hatt.

Neville: What is it?

Workman: Bertie is stuck in the snow nearby Kellstrope Road. You must hurry over there, pick up the orchestra and take them to Callan Castle.

Neville: Right away!

Narrator: So Neville collected some coaches, and hurried over to Kellstrope Road. When he arrived, the orchestra was very happy to see him, and so was Bertie.

Neville: Hello. My name is Neville, and I'll get you to the castle in time.

Orchestra Conductor: Thank you, Neville.

Neville: Bertie, do you need any help at all?

Bertie: No, thank you, Neville. Terence is on his way to pull me out.

Neville: Alright then.

Narrator: And just as Neville left, Terence arrived.

Terence: Hello, Bertie. I've come to pull you out of the snow.

Bertie: Thank you, Terence. It's no fun being stuck in the snow. Now I know how Thomas felt when he got stuck in the snow.

Narrator: Neville made good time along the line, and arrived at Callan Castle just in time. That night, the concert was a great success. Everyone loved the music, especially Neville, who thought it was the best concert ever.

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