New Boyfriends For The Sailor Scouts is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The New Adventures episode.


  • When the Sailor Scouts have enough times, they leave the Digi Boys and go and look for new boyfriends. Serena gets a crush on Zack (Ivy's former boyfriend), Mina gets a crush on Richie (Clover's former boyfriend), Raye gets a crush on Rex (Holiday's former boyfriend), Lita gets a crush on Chris (Whitney's former boyfriend) and Amy gets a crush on Sago (Charmaine's former boyfriend). Goneff ends up smitten with Aya's friend. Note: The music that Serena and Zack are dancing to is The Sounds Song from Thomas and Friends also Sailor Scouts don't date former boyfriends.


  • Serena Tsukino
  • Zack
  • Mina Aino
  • Richie Foley
  • Raye Hino
  • Rex Salazar
  • Lita Kino
  • Chris Kratt
  • Amy Mizuno
  • Sago


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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