Edarrion - Gate Keeper

  • Character's Elvan Name: Edarrion
  • Character's Human Name: Edan McKnight
  • Character Age: 27
  • Character's Sex: Male

Physical Description: 6ft 2' and lean of build, Edarrion would be described as athletic. He has a long, solomn face with an angular jaw, and may appear dour until a slow, knowing smile appears on his thin lips. Hazel eyes miss nothing, though are sometimes obscured by his shaggy, dark brown hair, which he wears long to hide his pointed ears, which is essential for his work on Earth.

Personality: Careful, deliberate and laconic, Edarrion does nothing fast and everything in his own time. Some people find this infuriating, but then he is rarely caught unprepared. He has a gift for languages, which can be a great help when he is recruiting.

Background: Not much is known about the life of Edan McKnight, and he's cagey with the details of what happened before he met Llanwyn and opened the gate to the Otherworld.


  • Professional: Gate Magic
  • Professional: English
  • Amateur: Navigation
  • Amateur: French
  • Amateur: Politics
  • Hobby: Horse Riding
  • Hobby: Archery
  • Hobby: Spanish
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Hobby: Writing
  • Hobby: Mathematics
  • Idle Interest: Fishing
  • Idle Interest: Portugese
  • Idle Interest: Calligraphy

Possessions: Edarrion never seems to own more than the clothes on his back, yet no one has ever seen him looking hungry, on earth or on the Otherworld. What his secret is, no one knows.

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