Llanwyn - Gate Keeper

  • Character's Elvan Name: Llanwyn
  • Character's Human Name: Laura Desone
  • Character Age: 19
  • Character's Sex: Female

Physical Description: Llanwyn is 5ft 4' and slender of leg whilst being round of hip and generally curvy of figure. She has a pretty heart-shaped face and big blue eyes. Faintly freckly, her pixie-like features make her look younger than she actually is. Her hair is long, blonde and very wavy, covering her pointed ears. Delicate hands and feet just add to her child-like cuteness.

Personality: Bright, energetic and enthusiastic, Llanwyn strikes everyone as being overly young, and lacking somewhat in the reserve and refinement that Elves traditionally possessed. Perhaps she is more closely related to the mischievious forest sprites than the Sidhe. She goes at everything full tilt, and occaisionally pays for it, but her enthusiasm is infectious, and others often find themselves going along with her for the fun of it.

Background: Llanwyn seems to be inordinately good at changing the topic whenever questions arrise about the life of Laura Desone. For whatever reasons the obviously doesn't want to talk about it. Her native language is French.


  • Professional: Gate Magic
  • Professional: French
  • Amateur: Politics
  • Amateur: English
  • Amateur: German
  • Hobby: Dancing
  • Hobby: Rock Climbing
  • Hobby: Cooking
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Hobby: Writing
  • Hobby: Mathematics
  • Idle Interest: Singing
  • Idle Interest: Poetry
  • Idle Interest: Story Telling

Possessions: Llanwyn seems to live off the air she breathes, and never carries much with her. No one can work out how she does it.

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