• Character's Elvan Name: Shairlyn
  • Character's Human Name: Sarah Ashton
  • Character's Age: 24
  • Character's Sex: Female

Physical Description: Lean and athletic, Shairlyn spends a lot of time hunting and exploring, and it shows in her build. She has slight curves, but overall a fairly boyish build. Long coppery hair is usually worn back in a tight, no-nonesense ponytail or braid. Her eyes are sky blue and ger gaze sharp. Her face is very angular, with a sharp nose, giving her a somewhat hawkish appearance. They do say that people come to resemble their animal companions, and you couldn’t call her a beauty.

Personality: Practical to a fault; blunt and stubborn. Only subtle when she feels like it. Shairlyn does things for her own reasons and no others, just as she came to the Otherworld for her own reasons. If pressed, she might blame a much suppressed sense of adventure. She enjoys exploring, but often finds the company of her birds easier than the company of other people.

Background: Sarah Ashton was a pathology scientist in a hospital. Never at the forefront, pathology tends to be a forgotten part of medicine even though it provides life saving answers. Hidden away there she was content, if not exactly excited by life. The chance to find a more interesting and purposeful existence was grabbed eagerly.


  • Professional: Falconry
  • Professional: English
  • Amateur: Tanning and Curing
  • Amateur: Trapping
  • Amateur: Animal domestication and keeping - Birds
  • Hobby: Hunting
  • Hobby: Butchering
  • Hobby: Bird Identification
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Hobby: Writing
  • Hobby: Mathematics
  • Idle Interest: Cooking
  • Idle Interest: Leatherworking
  • Idle Interest: Climbing



  • Falconry, the definitive work – Master: Falconry
  • SAS survival guidebook – Idle Interest: Cooking, Plant Identification, Animal Identification, Fungi Identification, Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Firemaking, Stone Knapping, Rope and Twine Making, Knot tying, Cartography, Astronomy, Navigation, Construction, Preserving Food, Climbing, Abseiling, Shipwright, Herbalism, Archery, Bowyering, Fletching, Slinging, Weaponscrafting, Tanning and Curing, Butchering, Carpentry, Net making, Weather Prediction, First Aid, Medicine, Nursing, Water Collecting and Storing,
  • Camp Cooking – Hobby: Cooking
  • The Field Guide to European Birds – Expert: Bird Identification
  • Back to Basics – Idle Interest: Construction, Lumberjacking, Stonemasonry, Water Collecting and Storing, Firemaking, Gardening, Farming, Orchardeering, Herbalism, Cow Farming, Sheep Farming, Pig Farming, Goat Farming, Horse Domestication, Bee Keeping, Fishing, Preserving Food, Cooking, Cheesemaking, Brewing, Vintering, Spinning, Shearing, Dyeing, Weaving, Basketry, Rug Making, Quilting, Candlemaking, Painting, Rope and twine making, Paper Making, Soap Making, Pottery, Carpentry, Metal working, Horse Riding, Canoeing, Swimming, Climbing, Abseiling, Fishing
  • Celtic Culture – Amateur: Celtic culture


  • -10’C rated sleeping bag
  • Wool blanket
  • Pillow
  • Lots of underwear and a couple of changes of clothes (jeans and t-shirts)
  • Jumper
  • Heavy, warm jacket
  • Leather, knee-high boots with thick soles
  • Hunting knives
  • Folding knife (small)
  • Large roll of thin copper wire
  • Pliers with wire-cutter
  • Sharpening stone
  • Flint and steel
  • Matches
  • Scraper
  • Big ball of twine
  • Hat
  • Box of 10x1 man 24hour ration packs (army surplus)
  • Cow hide in a bag
  • Bag of eyelets and eyelet punch
  • Leatherworking needle
  • Awl
  • Falconer’s glove
  • Hawk carry box
  • Harris hawk (female).
  • Ream of paper
  • Box of pencils
  • Permanent Marker
  • Ruler

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