Geography of the Gate Valley

The stone circle which functions as the focus for the gate magic which allows travel between the world of humans and the Otherworld is ring of single standing stones set like a crown on the brow of a sharp hill, central to a wide valley with many rolling hills. The stones are granite, as high as a tall man, and many have spiralling patterns carved into them. Around the base of the hill a second ring of stones, only waist high, mirror the first.

The valley itself is broad, grassy and fertile. A stream wanders its way down it's length, and where the land is very flat, right by the stream, is obviously a flood plain. To the north the valley narrows, and tall granite hills hem it in. As the valley narrows the grasslands give way to forest, and many of the trees right at the foothills are very tall indeed.

A faint path leads from the circle, following the stream, towards another nearby hill, not so high but far broader, making it much bigger. Where the path ends at the large hill a set of three stones stand, two sunken into the ground and a third flat one laid across them such that it's far end dissapears into the hill. Such configurations are often called fairy doorways, though the earth of the hill is plainly visible inside.


The valley has a climate that is comparable with England, Northern France etc. Warm summers, snowy winters. Plants are frost and snow tolerant. A reasonably amount of rain, more often drizzel than heavy showers.

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