Homestar Runner Jr. was proud of being Thomas' new driver. So was Palm Palm being the fireman. Thomas was pleased too, because Homestar Jr. knew all the routes around the Island of Sodor. One afternoon, Thomas stood at Ffarquhar station. It was a long day, and was earning a well-earned break. Sir Topham Hatt was giving Homestar Jr. a special order.

Sir Topham Hatt: You and Thomas are to pick up a new engine at the harbor.

Homestar Jr.: What's the engine's name?

Thomas, Annie and Clarabel were listening anxiously, and were worried. Would Sir Topham Hatt replace Thomas? Thomas shut his eyes tightly, and didn't listen to Sir Topham Hatt's orders. When Sir Topham Hatt had gone to his car, Homestar Jr. climbed into Thomas' cab.

Homestar Jr.: Right, Thomas - we're to pick up a new engine at the harbor. James and Percy will be there.

Thomas: Am I going to be replaced?

Homestar Jr.: Nonsense! What gave you such an idea?

Thomas: {nervously} Erm... Well, I--

Homestar Jr.: Oh, I think it's one of your jokes! Come on, off to the harbor.

They set off, but Thomas was worried.

Thomas: Don't want to be replaced! Don't want to be replaced!

Annie and Clarabel: What would happen? What would happen?

When Thomas arrived at the harbor, he saw that a container was his size, and was very worried.

Thomas: Is that the new engine?

Homestar Jr.: Oh, you silly engine! It doesn't have an engine in it! It's a container truck!

Just then, Edward pulled up to take it to the quarry, and in his cab were Eric Cartman - the fat kid, and Kenny McCormick - the kid who died a lot.

Kenny McCormick: (Hey, Thomas! Why are you looking at that container?)

Thomas: I think I might be replaced!

Eric Cartman: Yeah, Thomas! About time you were replaced!

Homestar Jr.: All right, Eric! Don't spook Thomas. He's just been acting a bit paranoid lately.

Edward took the container away, and Thomas set off to the harbor.

Homestar Jr.: You just don't have to take Eric too seriously, Thomas. He's just fat.

Eric Cartman: AY! I HEARD THAT!

Soon, Thomas arrived at the harbor, and saw a crane unloading a smaller container.

Thomas: Is there an engine in here?

Homestar Jr.: Don't be stupid! It's not possible for a locomotive to fit in there - they're too large, except for Skarloey Railway engines.

Thomas understood that it was impossible and engine be there. James and Percy pulled up, and saw how worried Thomas was.

Percy: Thomas, what's wrong?

Thomas: I was told to pick up a new engine, and I thought I was going to be replaced! I saw a container truck, and this container, but it's too small to carry an engine in there!

James: No, it isn't!

Thomas: What do you mean?

James: There is an engine in there - a car engine!

Thomas wasn't sure, and coupled up to the truck, and took to Ffarquhar. When he arrived, Sir Topham Hatt was waiting for them.

Thomas: Sir, whatever I did, I'm sorry! I-

Sir Topham Hatt: Don't worry, Thomas. You're not in trouble.

He opened the container, and there was a new engine for his broken down car! Thomas was stunned!

Thomas: I thought- Annie and Clarabel thought-

Homestar Jr.: You see, Thomas? He wasn't going to replace our engine number one! He just needed a new engine for his car!

Thomas smiled, and felt a little silly. That night, he told the other engines about his mistake.

Thomas: I realized I wasn't being replaced, and I know I'm a credit to the railway!

Gordon: Quite right. And you're always going to be engine number one.

Thomas just grinned. He had a lot to think about when taking special specials.


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