New England is a territory in the United States. However, people don't know the secret of New England (which is sometimes called New Olympia). The great council of New England was founded by most of the three original pantheons (Greek, Egyptian and Norse), the remaining Gargoyle clans in the world, Oberon's children and several other mythical races. New England is divided into six separate territories known as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.



The Magical New england was founded around the time that Greece was conquered by the Romans (around 187 BC). The original Greek gods escaped and journeyed to what today is known as America bringing with them millions of individuals of the thousands of mythical creatures that exist in the world. They created a magical barrier so that no human can enter, however they accepted the human within the borders. 157 years later, the people of New England accepted the Egyptians after Egypt was conquered by Rome. Then, when the vikings began to die out, the Norse gods came to New England. Eventually, they created cities and towns in their borders.

Gargoyle Clans

When New England learned about the gargoyles dieing out, they decided to collect gargoyles. They started in Scotland, after learning Constantine's plan to wipe the gargoyles out of Scotland, New Englanders stopped his forces. In England, they sent Zeus disguised as a mortal in order to bring other gargoyles before the Hunter could kill them. Over the years, the gargoyle population continued to grow, by 1996 the population had reached over a million gargoyles descended from all corners of the globe. Most gargoyles protected one territory. Rhode Island is protected by gargoyles descended from Scottish, English, Mayan and Japanese Clans. Maine is protected by descendent's of Spanish, French and Persian Gargoyles.

Other Humans

Throughout the years, the gods began collecting humans to fit in with their population. Aside from the Greeks, Egyptians, Vikings and Romans that they took with them; they also collected people of many native American tribes.

Mythical Creatures in New England

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