New England Southern - negs2555 (7221489058 283ef22f90 b

New England Southern SW1500 2555 at Metro East Industries, East St Louis, IL.

The New England Southern SW1500 2555 has been painted and is awaiting shipment east to Concord, NH.

The New England Southern SW1500 2555 is seen "fresh" at Metro East Industries shops in East St Louis, IL .Unit was built as SP SW1500 2555 and later became UPY 1002. NEGS owner, Peter Dearness purchased this unit from the MEI/UP Locomotive auction held at MEI in Oct 2011.

Dearness says that the unit will provide service to a handful of remaining customers on the NEGS line out of Concord, NH, but adds there is some new buisness potential for the line.

The Union Pacific scheme was chosen because he liked the way the scheme looked on his last loco, a former UP GP39-2, which he sold to the Ann Arbor Railroad.

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