at new game prefendite's and application for nintendo 3DS.

  • YOUTUBE comic and videos

(7 June 2012)e-shop 1ºanniversary (0$)

  • e-shop GOLD,Social Network Apps and Hot Private 3D

(7 June 2012) only for 18+ year (15$)(1 Year)(20$)(2 Year)(43$)(3 Year)

  • Super Mario Bros 2 (NES) (virtual console) (3DS)

(7 June 2012) (4$)

  • Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) (virtual console) (3DS)

(14 June 2012)(6$)

  • Pokemon Gold Version

(GBC) (virtual console) (3DS) (add new pokemon's 3º4º5º generation) Price:#(0$) (7 June 2012)

       #(7$) (3 setember 2012)
  • Pokemon Red Version

(GB/SGB) (virtual console) (3DS) (add

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