Name: Kennlie

Age: 17

Voice: Kayla

Date of Birth: 19th January 2001

Favorite Color: Black, dark purple, teal

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favorite Subject: Art

Least Favorite Subject: Music Class

Likes: Troublemakers, getting detentions, nappies

Dislikes: Getting grounded

Name: Kidaroo

Name: Memy Thousands (real name) Memy9909 (nickname)

Memy Thousands AKA Memy9909

Age: 13

Date of Birth: August 20th, 1999

Voice: Joey (normal), Kidaroo (evil/furious/angry), Diesel (extremely fat, over 9000 pounds)

Friends: DrewAndMario, CarsonsFanClub, SonicRobot155, Likeplaneboy, TheSuperGree, Feilpebross, 2009Greenyphatom, MomandDaniel, MultiWarren95, MultiKeegster2, Leliahdelattare, StupidBaxter, Tjdrum, Ntpockets, Ironinforcer, Ccmater2, Agentpeddie, Geoshea, Lucashuford6, Magicmonkey761, Dr. Beanson, Green Bob and other Memy's fans

Enemies: Baxter, Gunther, Mrlegofan404, AAAA, SteveComedian, joshnew1000, Ninjaboy1able, Guyisbackable, The Wiggles, Barney, Teletubbies, Rugrats,

Name: Catherine (from Jaxen Ross)

Name: Catherine's mom (from Jaxen Ross, with Millie voice)

Name: Catherine's dad (from Jaxen Ross, with Diesel voice)

Name: Andrew Clark (from DavidTheAnimationGuy)

Name: Adrianna (from DavidTheAnimationGuy)

Name: Darren (VideoGamerLegit)

Name: Dainel (VideoGamerLegit)

Name: Erika (RobertCoatesAnimation)

Name: Erika's dad (RobertCoatesAnimation)

Name: Erika's mom (RobertCoatesAnimation)

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