Alliance of New Hellgon
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Official Language(s): Wood Elf, Grey Elf, High Elf, Common
Common Race(s): Wood Elf, Grey Elf, High Elf]], Human
Largest City:
New Hellgon
Port Seegri
Head of State: Prime Minister Aerononais
Head of Military: High Ranger Link Greentree
Area: 61,000mi²
Population: 12,800,000
Establishment: 26 of Eiros, 3010iva
Government Type: Collective Alliance
Exports: Wood, textiles, livestock, produce, grain
Imports: metals, textiles, grain
National Flower: Silver peony
National Tree: Iron oak
National Fruit: Hellrai pear
National Mammal: Shora wolf
National Bird: Wranig kingfisher
Gelder (1GP), Agger (1SP), Cupper (1CP)
National Anthem: Bittersweetest Memories
Army Regulars:
Naval Regulars:

New Hellgon was established by Beldrose after the original was razed in the infamous Dragon Wars (1116-1125vA, 1130-1137vA). Aeorononais is a benevolant, yet firm, Prime Minister, doling out her justice from the Oaken Halls in New Hellgon.

National Overview

Information pending...

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