New Karston


INFO: New Karston, often called "NK" for short, is the largest city in Jackson County, Douglas Island. It is the central city in the New Karston Metropolitan statistical area. This metro area is more often referred to as the Ron River Metro Area.

The city is located in the Ron River Valley. The Ron River cuts through the city separating the city into a west and east division. The Evergreen Mountains can be seen from the city. The Pacific Ocean and Ron River mouth are to the south of the city along the waterfront.


New Karston's skyline in the mid 1980's.

HISTORY: The city was founded on the New Karston Peninsula. Farming and a small church were among the first things in the city.

New Karston in pioneer days. The Saint Marys church still stands today.

Farming progressed, and business began to grow thanks to logging in Dillmore. New Karston set up operations for a port. Downtown plans often struggled when first conceived in New Karston, but ultimately, one prevailed. Crime became a major problem in New Karston with drugs and gangs, but over time those all shrank. During the fall of 1975 in New Karston, a major tanker ship exploded off the coast causing great alarm. The ship exploded due to someone mishandling equipment, and it turned out to be a ship smuggling drugs into the city. It became known as the biggest drug bust on Douglas Island.

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