New Leaf is a two part episode from the third season of Thorn Valley Chronicles. It serves as the season finale.

Part 1

Jenner and his followers captured Mrs. Brisby and asked her where the red amulet is. But she refused to let them have it. After letting Mrs. Brisby go - Jenner sent Fidget to spy on Timothy Mouse and capture him. Justin realized that Timothy had been held captived by Jenner. Bris even had a nightmare about her being on Jenner's side. Would Mrs. Brisby save her brother or make a deal with Jenner?

Part 2

With help from Tom and Jerry - Justin and Mrs. Brisby joined up to save Timothy's life. After defeating Fidget and Jenner's Followers - Bris and Justin met Jenner in a final showdown. With help from Dumbo - Mrs. Jumbo saved Timothy's life and got rid of Jenner by sending him flying over the horizon. After the battle - freedom returned to the valley and The Brisbies (along with Jeremy Justin and Timothy) lived happily ever after.

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