New Olympus is a world located underneath the earth. It is located in what the New Olympians call, The Inner World. This world was created by a man nammed Ansem. Ansem was also called Ansem the Creator and Ansem the Wise by the New Olympians. Ansem led many creatures and Humans to the inner world were he created the New Olympus, forged their Sun, their Moon and the Stars. He made constellations to the thirteen Heroes who battled the Tyrannical first people who tryed to force them out. This conflict became known as the First War. New Olympus is currently led by the New Olympian Council who is led my an immortal being nammed Boreas.

Geographic Features

New Olympus is mostly land with the acceptions of the Eastern Ocean and the Great Lakes in Western Woods. The land is dived into three areas, those areas are Northern Olympus, Western Olympus and Southern Olympus. In the Eastern Ocean, there are several islands that are home to several castles protected by Gargoyles.


New Olympus contains almost every mythical creature known to the world. Also, most castles and cities are inhabited by Gargoyles. Because of a spell that Ansem the Wise cast, the Gargoyles can turn to stone at will while they are in New Olympus.

10 Laws of New Olympus

In New Olympus there are 10 Laws to Follow.

  • 1.Keep the Peace
  • 2.Prevent Illegal Shipments
  • 3.Search any shipment comming into New Olympian Cities
  • 4.Always report conspiracies to local Authorities
  • 5.Never try to leave the Inner World.
  • 6.Never enter a New Olympian city without a Passport
  • 7.Never enter private property without the permission of the Owner.
  • 8.You can't run a Merchants ship without a Lisence
  • 9.Never Kill a Gargoyle
  • 10.Never Enter the Palace of Ansem without the permission of Local Authorities.


The Currency throughout New Oylympus are Gold, Silver or Copper Pieces.


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