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The New Paris colonies are a series of human colonies. The star system containing the New Paris colonies has nine planets, eight containing a colony.


  • New Paris I: New Paris I is a residential colony with a population of 80,000. The planet was where several Vissians immigrated after they signed an immigration agreement with the humans.
  • New Paris II: New Paris II is a mining colony where the colonists use laser drills.
  • New Paris III: New Paris III is a protected planet, where the avatar creatures were relocated to repopulate.
  • New Paris IV: New Paris IV is a farm-world with a population of 20,000.
  • New Paris V: New Paris V is a gas giant with a large Ringworld orbiting.
  • New Paris VI: New Paris VI is home to a sphere world with a population of 11 Billion.
  • New Paris VII:

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