New Richmond is the fourth planet of the star system OSI 07519+00104 – named Valencia. Deeded to Unocal-Kerr by the first Charter Deed Auction in 2295 CE, Valencia 4 was a late Neogene world orbiting a G1 V star 24.8 light-years from Earth. Unocal lost the deed to New Richmond in 2450CE, and the deed was granted to ExMShell. Their interest in the system was Valencia 6 – a gas giant 1.2 times the size of Jupiter. Unocal had difficulty establishing aerostat extraction plants to mine Valencia 6 for helium-3.

ExMShell purchased the deed in 2452CE and had extraction plants operating by 2482CE. The energy giant auctioned off the resource rights to Valencia 4 to eight concessionaire Corporations for fees that paid for the helium-3 plants floating in Valencia 6’s atmosphere and the price of the New Richmond deed. New Richmond was settled by the concessionaires during the 2490s and was highly profitable for both ExMShell and the Charter Convention by the turn of the Twenty-sixth Century.

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