New Thunderbirds Is A Spinoff Fan Series Of The 1961 TV Series Thunderbirds.


Season 1

  • Spacefall
  • Winged Assassin
  • Virgil Has Kittens
  • Manahunt
  • 4th Of July
  • The Uninvited
  • Alan Had A Little Lamb


  • Starring Pilot Thunderbird 1-Scott Tracy

                 Pilot Thunderbird 2-Virgil Tracy

                 Astronaut Thunderbird 3-Alan Tracy

                 Aquanaut Thunderbird 4-Gordon Tracy

                 Space Monitor Thunderbird 5-John Tracy

  • Music By Adam Campbell-Sing
  • Made With Flight Simulator 2009
  • Based Upon "Thunderbirds" Created By Gerry Anderson
  • Directed By David Lane
  • Made In Ultramarionation

International Titles

  • The New Thunderbirds (Working Title)
  • Gerry Anderson's New Thunderbirds (Full Title)


  • New Adventures. New Exitement. New Danger. Most Of All, New Thunderbirds.
  • There Is 1 New Adventure To Choose 1 New Machine To GO For Your Life.

Toys (Made By Character)


  • ThunderTech Tracy Island Playset

Vechles (For ThunderTech Tracy Island Playset)

  • Thunderbird 1
  • Thunderbird 2 With 4 Pods, The Mole, Firefly, Domo & Thunderbird 4
  • Thunderbird 3
  • Thunderbird 5


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