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The Newgrounds Bulletin Board System or BBS is a custmly made HTML forum that allows the massive newgrounds community [1] to stay connected to each other.

BBS Creation

The BBS was created in 2001 in a very basic style by Tom Fulp and was later recreated in that same year into a much more sleak design.

All-access forums

These are forums designed for any user to create a topic and reply to it and has more forums then reply only.


The General forum is used to talk of extremely generalized topics that arent listed in any other forum.It is easiley the most popular of any other forum on the BBS.

Where is/How to?

This is a forum designed for all the newbies of the BBS to ask questions regarding their Newgrounds problems.


This is the forum devoted to talk of Adobe Flash as newgrounds is a flash website. In this forum disscusions takes place on flash collaborations, asking for help with a user's flash problems talk of upcoming flash projects or flash projects already in existance.


Politics is a forum used to disscus political matters such as government, global events, gay/lesbain relegion and anything else along those lines.


The programing forum is used to disscus all things having to do with programing such as programing laungages including C++or Java. It is also used to ask for help in those fields. Everything except for ActionScriptis disscused as actionscript needs to stay in the flash forums.

Clubs & Crews

This is a forum where users with similar interests get together and form a club and disscus that interest via a large forum topic. Becuase of the nature of these topics this forum is home to the largest topics on the BBS.


This is where newground's audio artists from the audio portal come and disscus anything audio or music related.

Reply-only forums

These are forums restricted to where only special individuals can make topics but anyone can reply to.

NG News

This is where the administrators of newgrounds update news on the site or thier dailey lives.

Network News

This is where the site affilaits give thier dailey updates on the BBS. This is by far the least popular and least used forum on the BBS as it hasn't even hit a page yet.

P-bot's Postings

This is where the P-bot or Portal bot gives his dailey seletions from the newgrounds flash portal.

Comedy Goldmine

This was a massive undertaking by the newgrounds Mod Tremourwho created the Comedy Goldmine which is a massive collection chronicling noteworthy topics on the newgrounds BBS. [2]

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