Ruler in 10 AF: Sir Sinclair Newton(died in captivity of old age)
Ruler in 50 AF: Noose Redeye, commander of the surving rebels
Symbol: Lump of yellow gold on a field of grey (White noose on black for redeye
Population in 10 AF: >600
Population in 50 AF: >700

Shared borders: Payen to the north, Kerslake to the east, Tumler to the southeast, Netherfield to the southwest, Cadifor to the northwest

former major exports: metalwork, coinage, tools
former major imports: Calamine(zince ore)(Tumler), wood (Aglovale), granite (Tattersall), copper (Lorraine)
Natural Features: Ellington river
Important Historical events: completely surrounded by the Old Kingdom Alliance

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