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Welcome to the NGCW!

Welcome to the Next-Gen Consoles Wiki! This is the place where you can find out about the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii and the PS3. As the NGCW becomes updated, there will be specs, existing and planned/unreleased hardware and pheriphal details, highly anticipated games and the good and bad about each console. I will also explain what I think of each console, and which console should be bought by which type of person.

The Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is the console that I own, and all the games that I have are fantastic in graphics, physics, lighting effects, particle effects and all sorts of other things that require powerful hardware. And the best thing is, that even though these games look beautiful, they have nowhere near tapped the potential of this technological powerhouse (the PS3 is argued to boast far better hardware, but once the system uses all the power for the constantly running operating system and things like that you're basically left with a £400/$600 Xbox 360 the size of an airforce bag).

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