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Next Actions

"Small solutions for big problems"

The world is full of problems that are too big for one person to solve: global warming, poverty, war, the list goes on and on. It's easy to think, This problem is to large for me to do anything about. But it's exactly these problems that need everyone to do their part. But how can you tackle global problems without getting overwhelmed?

That's where Next Actions comes in. This wiki aims to be a how-to guide for finding "small solutions for big problems", things that one person can do to help solve problems of global magnitude.

What you can do

Take action

Problems you can do something about: global warming, homophobia, hunger, poverty, racism, sexism, war

Share solutions

Know of a great way to save energy or help the needy? Write some instructions on how to do it.


Got an idea for a solution you want to discuss? Post it on an article's talk page.

The inspiration for Next Actions

In his productivity book Getting Things Done, David Allen talks about finding the 'next action' in any given project, the next physical action you need to take to accomplish your goal. The idea is to break larger tasks or projects into small, manageable steps.

This wiki is an attempt to apply that concept to larger, global problems.

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