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This wiki will evolve in the coming weeks & months into what is hoped to be one of the most extensive and widely-viewed sites on the web detailing the city of Niagara Falls, Canada and the rich history it has made since Father Louis Hennepin made the first notation of the cataract in 1678.

Please bear the anticipated time it will take in order to get this wiki started.

This is not in any particular order as of yet. Any outside help or suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Outline & Format

Discovery and Early Settlement

Louis Hennepin


Samuel Zimmerman Harry Oakes Col. Casimir Gzowski

High-Rise Landmarks

Skylon Tower Konica Minolta Tower Casino Niagara Tower

Notable Buildings


Clifton House / Hotel Table Rock Houses of the 1800s Museums

Notable Attractions

Spanish Aero Car Floral Clock Botanical Gardens & School of Horticulture Table Rock Table Rock Center Marineland Whirlpool Golf Course Oak Hall Par 3 Golf Course Legends of the Niagara Golf links


Sam Patch Annie Edson Taylor Roger Woodward Blondin Farini Dave Munday Steven Trotter Kirk Jones William FitzGerald (aka Nathan Boya) Jean Lussier "Major" Lloyd Hill William "Red" Hill Sr. William "Red" Hill Jr. Karl Soucek Bobby Leach Jessie Sharp George Stathakis Charles Stephens Stephen Peer

Disasters & Mishaps

Power Plant collapse Upper Steel Arch Bridge collapse 1889 suspension bridge collapse The scow (1918)


Niagara River Railway Ontario Powerhouse Toronto Powerhouse Beck Powerhouses Canadian Niagara Powerhouse Robert Moses Powerhouse


Falls Specifications

Nighttime Illumination

History Festival Of Lights

Tourist Areas

Historical: The Front (1800s) Queen Victoria Park Clifton Hill

Sites To See

Casino Niagara Fallsview Casino Horseshoe Falls American / Bridal Veil Falls

More upcoming

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