Nic White is a safe. You can brush the dust off the top, but what's inside will always remain there.


Nic White with Betsy


The Raikellii Blade

Nic White (born Simon Raikelli) is the captain of the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Human from Naboo
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 35 (born 44 BBY)
  • Alignment: Light
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons/Equipment:
    • Blaster Pistol - A standard, run-of-the-mill pistol Nic picked a few years after leaving Naboo. It's quite accurate, powerful and reliable so he never saw any reason to replace it.
    • Knife - one of only three things Nic kept from his old life. The knife is a family heirloom passed down to the first born son in the Raikelli line. Although seemingly plain, it's perfectly balanced to be both a melee and throwing weapon. The blade is made of the rare material cortosis, which can disrupt lightsabers. Why a member of the Raikelli line would need a blade with such properties is a mystery to Nic.
    • Betsy - Short-range scatter shot blaster rifle (also known as a shotgun). Nic's favourite weapon, made by his own hands. The gun is devastating at short range letting out a heavy burst of energy with each shot. Nic named the weapon as he has always believed that machines with names have souls and weapons with souls will never misfire or fail when you need them. As why he chose 'Betsy' is a mystery to all but himself.
  • Primary Role Player: starmark2k


Nic White was born Simon Raikelli as a twin and raised in the capital city of Naboo, Theed. His mother was one of the queen’s handmaidens so he was brought up within the walls of the palace and his father was a Lieutenant in the Naboo Security Force. While children Nic and his brother, Kriss, became friends with a young girl called Tanya. The three of them remained good friends throughout there childhood and all of them joined the NSF. Nic and Kriss both fell in love with Tanya but Nic did not act on his feelings leaving Kriss free to marry her.

Soon after joining the NSF the Clone war began, Naboo only saw small fragment of the war but was attacked once causing the Republic to place a base on the planet. This caused the Naboo security force to only take on low level policing while the clones dealt with planet security. This led to Nic joining the Naboo Elite Guard (N.E.G) who were still dealing with terrorists in the cities. He trained as a sniper and infiltration expert tackling many different assignments during the clone wars. During what was to become his last mission a separatist fanatic was holding many high-ranking Naboo dignitaries, Nic accidentally shot Tanya leaving him distraught and filled with guilt.

He took to the stars and changed his name, as he couldn’t stay on the world of his sin, he joined a small team of mercenaries where he learnt new skills. While in the team he ended up playing a game of pazaak with a wealthy crime-lord known as Carmen Zoëcay. The stakes got to high for him and he ended up betting his services as a bodyguard, he lost and ended up spending a strange six months with the crime boss. When this period ended he smuggled himself onboard a ship trying to get to Irodia, but was discovered and literally dropped off on Coruscant. While looking for a way off the world he found himself in a bar and trying to help a waitress, Jana Vincent, from being attacked.

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