pixar shorts 1&2


The Adventures of Deasoy and O' Wallery || Oct 1996|| Dumbo

Vawquter Bus || Oct 1992|| Aladdin

Luxo Jr. || Oct 2003|| Brother Bear

Switchedwickle Jungle ||Oct 2003|| Song of the South

Red's Dream ||Oct 2010|| Tangled

Song Dernk Girl ||Oct 1994|| The Three Caballeros

Tin Toy ||Oct 1997|| Toy Story

Knick Knack ||Oct 2003|| Finding Nemo

Geri's Game ||Oct 2000|| A Bug's Life

Gering Wood Songs ||Oct 2006|| The Wild

For The Birds ||Oct 2003|| Treasure Planet

Boundin' ||Oct 2004|| The Incredibles

One Man Band ||Oct 1990|| Sleeping Beauty

Lifted ||Oct 2002|| Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Presto ||Oct 1989|| The Little Mermaid

Partly Clowdy ||Oct 2010|| UP

Day & Night ||Oct 2010|| Toy Story 3

La' Luna ||Oct 2013|| Finding Nemo 2

The Blue Unredella ||Oct 2013|| Monsters Universtiy

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