Nicholai Ginovaef is a sinister former Spetsnaz agent from the Soviet Union who later found employment as an Umbrella secret agent called a "Supervisor". Supervisors are supposed to collect combat data on how well BOWs face armed opposition (this opposition includes poorly-briefed Umbrella UBCS mercenaries, members of the STARS teams, and so forth). In order to analyze this data, Ginovaef was assigned to the UBCS as a Sergeant. Other Supervisors held "cover" roles, combatant or not, to disguise their true roles while enabling them to get close to the action and collect the combat data.

Unfortunately, Umbrella blundered when designing its Supervisor pay scale, not taking into account the amorality of its agents. There was a certain amount of money to be spread among surviving Supervisors who brought in combat data. The fewer surviving Supervisors, the more money per Supervisor. Umbrella attempted to keep the names of Supervisors secure on their computer networks, yet Ginovaef somehow discovered the information. He came to the conclusion that if he killed all the other Supervisors, he would be quite rich. He then proceeded to do exactly that, along with collecting the combat data and attempting to collect the bounty on Jill Valentine.

Ginovaef was a good combatant, but he was also good at deception, laying explosive booby traps, and even flying helicopters (which he uses to attack Valentine in some paths of the game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis). He provided the main human challenge to Valentine, who also had to face off against BOWs, zombies and various unfortunate situations, such as broken down tram cars.

Ginovaef is a rival to Hunk, who (along with Ginovaef) have been forced to survive with limited weaponry against hordes of zombies and BOWs.

In the novelization, Ginovaef was described as an extremely intelligent iron-willed psychopath with extraordinary computer skills, which enabled him to hack into Umbrella's computer system and learn information that he wasn't meant to know, such as the names and designations of the other Supervisors. He was jealous of Lt. Mikhail Victor, another UBCS member - he thought he was a better choice for holding that position, and also outperformed him in military games.

Nicholai Ginovaef (Smart Hero 4/Strong Hero 3/Fast Hero 3/Soldier 6): CR 16; Medium Humanoid (human); HD 4d6+6d8+6d10+16, hp 92, Mas 13; Init +1, Spd 30 ft.; Def 25 (+1 Dex, +10 class, +4 concealable vest); BAB +11, Grap +13; Atk martial arts +13/+8/+3 melee (1d4+4) or automatic carbine +13/+8/+3 ranged (2d8+2/19-20) or TMP +12/+7/+2 ranged (2d6+3); FS/R 5 ft./5 ft.; SA Improved critical (automatic carbine), weapon focus (automatic carbine), weapon specialization (automatic carbine); SQ Tactical aid; AL evil, greed, ambition; SV Fort +8, Ref +8, Will +7; AP 8, Rep +4; Str 14, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 10.

Occupation: Adventurer (class skills: Bluff, Knowledge [tactics]; bonus feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Skills: Bluff +9, Climb +4*, Computer Use +19, Craft (chemical) +7, Craft (electronic) +7, Demolitions +12, Hide +6 (+8 fatigues)*, Intimidate +5, Investigate +9, Jump +4*, Knowledge (behavioral sciences) +5, Knowledge (business) +6, Knowledge (current events) +7, Knowledge (earth and life sciences) +9, Knowledge (streetwise) +6, Knowledge (tactics) +24, Listen +6, Move Silently +6*, Navigate +12, Pilot +6, Profession +3, Spot +6, Survival +6, Swim +5, Treat Injury +3.

Languages: English (literate, spoken), Russian (literate, native), Spanish (spoken)

Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Aircraft Operation (helicopter), Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Burst Fire, Combat Martial Arts, Deceptive, Educated (Knowledge [earth and life sciences], Knowledge [tactics]), Gearhead, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Pistolero (Master), Stealthy.

Talents (Fast): Evasion, increased speed.

Talents (Smart): Plan, savant (Knowledge [tactics])

Talents (Strong): Melee smash (improved).

Possessions: Varies, but frequently limited to only a knife or TMP.

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