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Page 1

Once Upon a Time,

Nick and his class went to the ocean.

"Let's See" says Mrs. Creek

The Bus is Turning into a Speedboat

Page 2

We Got onto a Speedboat.

When it Stops

The Class and I Put on some Wet Suits and Dive in.

"There was so much sea to see!" Tyler Said.

Page 3

"Look!" Said the Class.

"It's a Fish" says Michael.

"Let's Take a Picture with That" says Nick.

Page 4

"Let's See" says Mrs. Creek.

The Bus is Turning into a Submarine

They are going underwater.

There are a lot of fish in the ocean.

Then the fish got all over the bus.

"Look! A Swan." says Nick.

Page 5

"Let's see" says Mrs. Creek.

The Bus is turning into a Submersible.

"But How?" says Nick.

"Let's See a Sea Turtle" says Mrs. Tobin.

"Like in Mrs. Tobin's House" says Nick.

"Jacob!" says Mr. Miller.

"Look at That. A Seal" says Betsy.

Page 6

"Whoops" says Mrs. Creek.

"It's Time to Get off the Ocean. Now!" says Mrs. Tobin.

"Let's See" Says Mrs. Creek.

The Bus is turning into a Speedboat.

The Class Puts on water skis and goes back to school.

"Let's Wave Goodbye to the Under Sea Students" says Mrs. Creek.

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