Nick Ashby's Lawful Adventures is a spin-off series from Kate Ashby. Where Nick Ashby the husband of Kate Ashby who has became a hero of his Lawful Adventures around City of Perry when he got sent to jail.


  • The Police Investigation
  • Nick Ashby's Nightmare
  • Eat In and Takeaway
  • Nick Ashby Does It For Kids
  • Nick Ashby Prepares Balut
  • Jimmy The Squirrel In Trouble
  • The Smoking Idiot
  • Merry Christmas Nick Ashby
  • The Laughing Boy
  • Shopping Trouble
  • Two Bullies At School
  • Nick and the Beanstalk
  • Trouble In Waylon's Tavern
  • The House Of Burglar
  • The Ghost of Kate Ashby

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