Nick Green or also known as Captain Ploymer is one of the longest rivals of the Rivers and has made many attacks on the group he is known across Devon for his strange Fetish for Raincoats and Clingfilm. He is by far the most nasty or evil rivals of the Rivers.


Nick Green was born in 1961 in the town of Bath he was soon afterwards placed into care soon afterwards he lived with a new family. He was known for a very young age to have a fetish for Clingfilm and Raincoats but nothing was ever said about it.


Nick Green was done for attacking a women when he dressed her in Raincoats and also wrapped her in clingfilm. He then raped her and was later sectioned under the mental Health act where he was placed in Langdon Hospital he was let out two years later.


Nick Green started to like Becky Miles why he liked her was never found out but Becky Miles and Scott Curtis protected thereselfs when he tried to grab her and pushed him into a pond.


Scott Curtis ran into his old mate who now had turned out bad called Emma Davison she said becareful who you push into the pond. This wasn't worked out but Nick Green and Emma Davison had made a deal where if Nick Green got Becky Miles. Emma Davison could have Scott Curtis. They soon had to try and find her when the plan was put into action the next year.


Nick idea was to play mind games with Scott Curtis at South Devon College. When there he sent alot of messages being Scott Curtis old rival named Steven Hills when asked if he had anything to do with Steven Hills said he did not. This started Scott Curtis and the Sixth River who was Steph Colledge having a look to find what had been going on. Nick on that year had paid two people to help him get rid of Scott Curtis they were called Hayleigh King And Jamie Brent who he paid to take care of them. But with the help of Steph Colledge they were no match and when Hayleigh King wanted a way out of this she worked with the Rivers just as long as they could get Jamie Brent out of this. They did so and manage to stop Jamie Brent. Hayleigh took him away from Devon and back up to there town ofManchester A while after this Nick Green had found out where Becky Miles was now living and planned to kidnap her. The same evening Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge took on Nick Green. Who had also been working with Emma Davison it was then found out she was behind the emails and was the only one who was aware of Steven Hills.

Scott Curtis took on Emma Davison and won the fight why Steph Colledge took on Nick Green and also won the fight. Afterwards they thought they had seen the last of Nick Green however they were wrong.


Nick hired out two more girls to sort out the Rivers. They were called Stacy Smart and the other one was called Chloe Hand who made there attack when Scott Curtis, Steph Colledge and Becky Miles went to a party. He wanted to get his own back it was also at the same time he meet another person when he got sectioned once again and back to Langdon Hospital he meet a girl called Steph Yates who was from the Hele Crew they both had to get there own back on the Rivers and teamed up. Sometime afterwards the Rivers made a big attack on Hele Crew and it turned into a Turf war. Nick Green was in charge of pushing the River Crew back which he manage to do. Because of that he then went to attack the three people who crossed him. Scott Curtis, Becky Miles and Steph Colledge he attacked them because he had been down the gym he was stronger and was able to beat Steph Colledge but was no match When Scott Curtis and Becky Miles took him on together. He then wanted to find a new plan to get Becky Miles. He attacked the school which Becky Miles was going to.

However he found himself up fighting Scott Curtis and Keith Rainer who were no match for him but was then attacked by Zoe O'Chapel he had to back off and planned out it was best that Stacy Smart and Chloe Hand took care of the Rivers. However Chloe Hand was no match to Scott Curtis and Stacy Smart was no match to Zoe O'Chapel. This ran Nick Green out of plan. Hayleigh King came back and he was able to trick her to grass on the Rivers plans. The Rivers found out she had been tricked when Jamie Brent name was use and she told of a plan by Hele Crew going to start a big attack with around 40 gang members coming for the Rivers. Steph Colledge who was in charge of the mission felt Hayleigh King had learned from it and told her to find somewhere safe. She moved down to where Jamie Jackson and Danni Jackson lived in the gang fight the Rivers won. But Nick had not finished his plan and attacked once again later that year and made his plans work.

Nick Green came up with a plan to set-up The Rivers and also get Becky Miles. He had tricked Becky Miles and Scott Curtis and started something which brought Steven Hills and Barry Charles along with a few old rivals of the Rivers into one big battle. He also tried to make a grab at getting Steph Colledge this was stopped when Zoe O'Chapel and Jamie Jackson were to strong for him. Later on that evening it was aware that Kang Davison along with a few other people might be in on all of this. Nick Green was soon found where he was hiding Becky Miles. It ended up with Scott Curtis, Jamie Jackson, Steph Colledge, Zoe O'Chapel, Jessie Miles Barry Charles Steven Hills And John Fisher all coming for a big attack at his base.

Nick had to stop them all and he got the Hele Crew to finish them all off but Scott Curtis had got passed all of this and had freed Becky Miles. Nick got Steph Yates and her mate Ashleigh Conghan to stop them who were also no match for them. John Fisher who came to place nick back in Langdon Hospital faced off with Nick Green and Nick Green lost the fight but a Oasis clone of Micheal Jackson was also inside the base and wanted to kill all of them. Nick Green had to woek with the rest of them to make it out alive. He was soon taken away and placed under the mental health act and once again back in Langdon. He was lucky because also sectioned with him was Steph Yates and Ashleigh Conghan. Alot of Hele went to Prison because of this.


Nick Green had now started dating Steph Yates and wanted to get married they still wanted payback on the Rivers. Later on there wish came true when a girl called Harriet Sernet wanted them all dead. In the end of that year they used Primrose Windsor to get back at Scott Curtis and Steph Colledge. The plan didnt work when Nick Green and Steph Yates were doubled crossed by Harriet Sernet.


Nick Green had now been dumped by Steph Yates and was now alone again he then wanted to get his own back and wanted to get his own back. He went on a rampage and also trid to find a new lover. He went down to Teignmouth where he got to nice to two women who reported him. After this he attacked Jamie Jackson and Primrose Windsor. He wasn't finish there and then walked up to Zoe O'Chapels and broke down the door and smashed up the house with a sledge hammer. Steph Colledge had to jump out the Window to avoid his attack. All the trouble he had made got himself nicked again he was warned anymore he would go to prison for a very long time. He got off lucky with the two women he wrapped in clingfilm. He then found out he had been teased by Michelle Cooper the girl he liked and she was marrying Jamie Jackson he then smashed up everything around him. He was then sectioned and would not be let out of Langdon Hospital to he had sorted himself out.

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